Overcoming Dental Anxiety is a Reality at Victory Dental in Boise, Idaho

Boise, ID, November 20, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Most people experience some degree of dental fear and anxiety when faced with needed dental work. For some it is easily overcome with an explanation of procedures, but for others it remains an overwhelming fear that often results in the neglect of important dental care.

Victory Dental in Boise, Idaho is making overcoming dental fear and anxiety a reality by offering IV sedation in-house to patients. IV Sedation is also known as “conscious sedation” because a patient is still awake during a procedure. The patient can breathe and swallow, and even respond to requests, but not necessarily remember all of the treatment that took place. A combination of FDA approved medications is given through an IV so that the needed dental work can be done in as little as one appointment.

Who is a candidate for IV Sedation?
* Adult or teen patients with high dental/doctor anxiety.
* Patients in need of extensive treatment or oral surgery.
* Those who have had past traumatic experiences or want maximum comfort for their dental experience.

Dr. David Ripplinger opened Victory Dental in SE Boise in 2011 and has since worked to offer an exceptional experience for his patients. From the intraoral camera and high-powered microscopes, to single tooth anesthesia and air abrasion for maximum patient comfort, Dr. Ripplinger has always made staying ahead of technology a top priority. He has also strived to make getting needed dental work convenient for busy patients by offering one day in-house crowns and now, IV sedation, which can cut down on the number of appointments needed. Dr. Eric Barney, DDS, who has practiced dentistry in the Boise area for over 17 years and is licensed to administer IV Sedation, joined the office in 2014. For more information please contact Victory Dental at 208-402-1040.
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