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New Software Utility Makes Identity Theft Virtually Impossible

Introduction of New security software for personal information storage.

Sicklerville, NJ, January 25, 2006 --( With Identity theft being such a growing problem on the Internet, there are still many good programmers that continue to search for methods to thwart intruders from invading our PCs in order to steal vital information.

BMC INTERNATIONAL, today introduces the Password Master, a software utility which stores and safeguards passwords and other vital information placed on computers.

Intrusions can come in several forms such as Trojan horses, email phishing scams ect. But due to a new utility called the Password Master (a password protected file in itself)even if the thieves were to get a user's copy, it would be useless to them because of it's password sensitive code.

This small but very powerful utility, which after a 10 minute installation, can store vital information like passwords and bank account numbers with ultimate security and minimal effort.

With the endless attempts of thieves constantly developing ways to steal unsuspecting personal and corporate users vital information, this utility will serve all computer users well.

Since virus software alone doesn't protect you from spyware, users wind up literally swinging by the seat of their pants, hoping some nut will not get into their computer and download all their personal and vital information.

Invented by a victim of identity theft, the program is easy to set up, takes up minimal space and can sit right on the desktop for quick access and unlike virus software, there is no need for updates.

This excellent solution to a ever growing problem on the Internet, can be obtained at

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