“The New Mainstream” Catches Fire

Huffington Post Blogger and bestselling author, Dianne Collins declares: “The Consciousness Crowd is The New Mainstream” and the crowd goes wild.

Miami, FL, December 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- In a recent blog on The Huffington Post media personality and QuantumThink® creator Dianne Collins declared “There’s A New Mainstream Out There – and You’re Probably Part of It” and her message has caught on like wildfire, garnering thousands of Likes and Facebook Shares striking a deeply resonant chord in the hearts, souls, and minds of a frustrated humanity. Ms. Collins has dubbed The New Mainstream – “the consciousness crowd.”

She explains, “People are tired of the status quo ‘either/or’ media Ping-Pong matches, politicians who only feign to be leaders, and a world that is becoming more absurd every day. What The New Mainstream wants is a new point of view, a different mindset, and yes, higher consciousness.”

The audacious blogger is no ordinary woman-on-the-street on the subject of what’s leading edge. Dianne Collins is the bestselling author of 6-time award winning “ bible of new thinking,” Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World that high profile attorney Roy Black states “should be required reading for all literate human beings.” She has appeared on more than 300 radio and TV interviews during the past few years including George Noory’s top-rated Coast To Coast and Cutting Edge Consciousness hosted by Producer of Academy Award winning What Dreams May Come, Barnet Bain.

Ms. Collins says the data was right there staring her in the face. “I witnessed a huge underground narrative going on, appealing to millennials and gens x, y and boomers; the up and coming as well as the rich and famous. From Pharrell’s smash hit, 'Happy' to Russell Brand’s Internet 'real news' show, celebs and people across the world of every profession are all-in for a new consciousness.”

She warns cynics and naysayers emphatically to not make the mistake of relegating The New Mainstream to a subculture. Dianne Collins assures us this is a much bigger phenomenon and that entertainment producers, business leaders and political strategists should be paying close attention.

She quips: “This trend is not trendy. Look around you … your next-door neighbors and co-workers are probably meditating, getting energy healing, talking about near-death experiences and reading spiritual books. The New Mainstream is dug-in and here to stay.”

So what’s next for Dianne Collins and The New Mainstream? When asked about the still growing effusive and fiery response to her declaring a New Mainstream into existence, without blinking an eye this original thinker who has consulted top executives in some of the world’s leading corporations including AT&T, Accenture and CNN says she’s ready for prime time. “To bring about the kind of society and mindset that The New Mainstream demands is going to take a whole new way of thinking.

“I’m looking to connect with a TV producer or executive who gets this – who’s wants to make me The New Mainstream host of a talk show offering a narrative not available anywhere else. I’ve envisioned this for a while now. A show like that would work very well and the audience is here and waiting for it.”
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