OurDeal.com Launches 12 Days of Business Planning to Empower the U.S. Small Business Market

Largest legal SaaS caters to evolving workplace culture as U.S. small business and freelancer sector grows.

New York, NY, December 12, 2014 --(PR.com)-- With the number of freelancers and independent contractors projected to grow to 40 percent of the U.S. workforce come 2020*, America’s workplace looks very different today than it ever has. As this powerful segment becomes more prominent, professionals are gaining an increased need for business services and resources that are tailored to their unique ways of business.

OurDeal.com, the nation’s largest database of customizable legal contracts, is among the SaaS companies leading this workplace evolution by offering businesses of any size a seamless way to create and use legally binding contracts any time, any place.

As the new year approaches, OurDeal.com is announcing its 12 Days of Business Planning series, which will outline ways small business owners can effectively set themselves up for success in 2015. From 1099s to NDA contracts, and everything in between, many business owners may still be in the dark when it comes to nuances of annual business planning.

“I’ve seen clients suffer the sometimes significant consequences of operating without the proper business protection in place. OurDeal’s mission is to make the legal agreement process as simple as possible, so businesses can focus on what they were built to do,” said Kyle Durand, founder of OurDeal.com. “The 12 Days of Business Planning is one way we’re working to educate the country’s independent workforce.”

For small- and mid-sized business owners, the last weeks of the year are some of the most important. Here, OurDeal shares sample tips from the 12 Days of Business Planning educational series.

Don’t Let the IRS Spoil Your Party: Be generous to your employees this holiday season, just make sure your gifts are tangible items and not cash ­equivalents. Cash, gift certificates or similar items of any value can be considered income or salary by the IRS, which means the gifts can be subject to withholding or taxes.

Equipment Purchases: Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code outlines that small business owners can deduct a significant amount of asset purchases as if they were operating expenses, which produces an immediate write-­off for long­term assets. If there are large expenses or big ticket items that you are planning to buy in early 2015, you should consider purchasing them prior to Dec. 31 to take advantage of this tax incentive for 2014.

Issue Your 1099s: If you have made income payments of more than $600 to freelancers or independent contractors in 2014, you must issue a Form 1099­MISC in January. Start preparing now for issuing those 1099s by compiling data on all contractors to whom you paid over $600 in 2014.

Find out more about these sample tips and follow along as OurDeal unveils the 12 Days of Business Planning on www.Blog.OurDeal.com. Visit www.Facebook.com/OurDealContract to join the community.

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*According to Intuit (March 2013)
Cory Dimitrakopoulos