Freebiumsultants Formally Announces New Corporate Structure at Its Official Pre-Opening

China-based consulting giant Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited, today announced a new hierarchy structure designed to create a more industry-driven and market-responsive company, and to clarify the lines of responsibility while increasing autonomy.

Shenzhen City, China, December 20, 2014 --( The basic features of the new structure announced today by Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited (the Company) are as follows:

1. A new company structure to promote quicker and more effective operations that better reflect market demands;
2. The appointment of an Executive Board to reinforce headquarters strategy and management functions;
3. The consolidation of company assets and subsidiaries;
4. The training and support of promising young talent to foster future senior management.

The basic outline of the new structure and consolidation of their marketing functions will coincide with Freebiumsultants increasing their stakes in both Pandia Ventures Group, a startup accelerator based in Hong Kong, and BenDiYi, a Mainland China leader in event management and public relation solutions.

An Executive Board, chaired by Chief Executive Officer Rafael Zeng, will be established and will include Phil Clarke, who will also serve the Company as its Vice-Chairman and Director of Sales, as well as Chief Financial Officer Maryanne Eng. The Executive Board will develop and execute corporate strategies of the Company.

Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited, which currently oversees 1.5 billion (CNY) in assets under management and a further 20 million (USD) in credit and private equity, is set to announce a deal with global workspace provider Regus plc in the coming days, which will see the consulting heavyweight expand its office locations to six more first tier cities in Mainland China (in addition to their current Hong Kong SAR and Shenzhen City locations) and increase their staff numbers to over 300 personnel.

Further announcements made today at an informal ceremony held at Panglin Plaza, Shenzhen City include:

Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited will be known within the Company(ies) as FSG.
Pandia Ventures Group Co., Limited will be known within the Company(ies) as PVG.
Shenzhen City BenDiYi will be known within the Company(ies) as BDY.

PVG and BDY, while being sister companies, are subsidiaries of FSG.

Flagship brand and project of BenDiYi, Pandia Park, a children’s play park best known for its creative and innovative blending of education with pleasure via family-oriented activities, will be known within the Company(ies) as PP1, and will be operated and governed by BDY.

The Official Pre-Opening of FSG and its subsidiaries is 2014.12.18.
The Official Soft Opening of FSG and its subsidiaries is scheduled for 2014.12.24.
The Official Grand Opening of FSG and its subsidiaries is scheduled for 2015.01.01.
The Official Soft Opening of the FSG website is scheduled for 2014.12.24.
The Official Grand Opening of the FSG website is scheduled for 2015.01.01.

Rafael Zeng, with close to 20 years of experience in the banking industry as a hedge fund manager and risk assessment analyst prior to him joining Freebiumsultants, will serve as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FSG, while temporarily act as the Chief Executive Officer of PVG. He will oversee and spearhead business development in Mainland China.

Phil Clarke will be in charge of the Company’s operations in Hong Kong SAR while performing the duties of Vice-Chairman and Director of Sales in FSG and the Chief Operating Officer of PVG. He officially joins Freebiumsultants after over 35 years in the automobile sector, working with household brand names such as Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Maryanne Eng will serve as the Chief Financial Officer for both FSG and PVG, and will have executive oversight and control over their financial accounts across South East Asia.

Andie Lau, a founding member of the BenDiYi flagship brand and project Pandia Park, will be the Director of Logistics as well as the Personal Assistant to the Chairman. Her duties will encompass handling of all aspects of human resource, media and public relation matters for FSG.

Dorothy Fu, Director of Finance, will also serve as the Personal Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer. She will have executive oversight of the FSG’s latest offering, PERF1O.

Walter Yin, the latest addition to the Freebiumsultants family, will join as a Manager of the Logistics Department and will have executive oversight of PP1.

Queenie Lin will serve as a Manager in the Sales Department and will be part of the Company’s upcoming new project, Bizcussionz.
Freebiumsultants Group Co., Limited
Andie Lau