New Features for Maxpanda CMMS

Maxpanda CMMS released new features on Monday, December 22, 2014.

Santa Monica, CA, December 29, 2014 --( New features going live December 22nd:

1. Parts Management
a. Add Warranty information to individual Parts.
b. Set email reminders to notify you when part warranties are about to expire.
c. Record Vendor Info at the part level.

2. Multi-Task User Management
a. Assign tasks to multiple users within the same Work Order.
b. Change the priority of tasks within the Work Order.

3. Editor Email Notifications
a. Editors will now receive all Work Order notifications and reminders.

New Features Coming January 2015
Site Data Structure:
1. Standard, Pro and Enterprise subscription levels will now come with Site functionality.
2. When Site functionality is enabled, company data is automatically placed under Company.
3. Each Site can be maintained as a separate total entity by a Site Admin.
4. Custom naming for each Site created by Company Admin.

New Roles Added:
1. Existing Company Admin.
a. Site functions added including the ability to add Sites.
2. New Company Editor Role.
a. Has the Editor functionality but across all the Sites.
b. Site functions added.
3. New Site Admin Role.
a. Has the same functions as the Company Admin but restricted to a specific Site.
4. Existing Editor Role becomes Site Editor.
a. Keeps the same Editor functions, but restricted to the current Site.

Work Orders:
1. New Work Order Status: “Approval Required”
2. The Site Admins and Site Editors will have a button to “Request Corporate Approval”.
3. Company Admins and Company Editors will have the ability to approve Site Work Orders.

PM Library:
1. New Custom Preventive Maintenance (PM) Templates.
2. Company or Site Admins can create a PM Template.
3. PM Templates created at the Company level are shared across all Sites saving entry time and keeping corporate consistency across the company.
4. A Template created in one Site is only visible in that Site.
5. An active PM can be created from scratch or based on a PM Template.
6. The PM Menu will look like:
a. Create PM Template
b. View Templates
c. View Active PMs
d. View Non-Active PMs
e. Create PM

Task Library:
1. Company Tasks are available across all Sites saving entry time and keeping corporate consistency across the company.
2. A Task created in one Site is only available in that Site.

Buildings, Locations & Assets:
1. Buildings, Locations, Assets and Work Orders can only belong to one Site at one time.
2. Buildings, Locations, and Assets can be moved between Sites (i.e. Fleet Management).
3. Work Orders will be visible under the Site in which Assets/Locations were located when the Work Order was created.

Parts & Invoices:
1. Available at both Company and Site levels.

1. New optional list of Work Order Categories Vendors are able to “Service” (Ex. Plumbing).
a. Filter the Vendor list when adding a Vendor to a Work Order.
b. More than one Work Order Category can be added to a Vendor.
2. Prioritize Vendors in the selection list.
a. Add a Sort Order to the Vendor List. Allow Admins to sort the list of Vendors within a Work Order category.

1. Site specific. Shows the aggregation of images for the Locations, Assets, and Work Orders.

1. Reports will be Site specific.
2. Company Admin and Editor will have a select box to choose the Site to report on.

1. Control which users have access to which Sites.
2. Users can be assigned to multiple sites.
a. Each Site assignment has a specific role. For example; a Staff member can be a Site Editor in one site and a Viewer in a second site.
3. For Company Admins, Company Editors and Users with permissions in multiple Sites, a selection box will allow users to switch between Sites. This includes switching to the Company view.
4. Users can also specify a default Site when they log in. This is set on their user profile page.
5. Only one Site is “active” at a time.

Company Account:
1. Company Setup functionality will cover all the individual Sites.
2. Only the Invoice Type List and Invoice Taxes are Site Specific.
3. Guest Portal Services; each Site must enable their own Guest Portal. The submitted Guest Work Orders will be Site specific managed by a Site Admin or Site Editor.

General App Functionality:
1. New List filtering capability on all lists in the application.
2. New filtering options for Closed, Canceled and Rejected Work Orders on the View All Work Order page.
3. “Sticky Search” function where the list filtering values are remembered.
4. Site Editing to use accordion styled controls to organize the display of site data.
a. Site Fields:
i. Site Name – 100 characters
ii. Description – 5000 characters
iii. List Assets
iv. List Buildings
v. List Locations
vi. List Vendors
vii. List Staff

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