MicroTek Introduces Enhanced Training Logistics Management Scheduling System

Downers Grove, IL, January 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- MicroTek, a global provider of on-demand business training and meeting solutions, has just released a significant upgrade to it’s proprietary scheduling application, Tracker™, a real-time, web-based program management system.

Tracker™ is a user-friendly, web based tool MicroTek customers use to schedule and manage training logistics. MicroTek is the only training logistics company that offers this powerful tool that aids in sourcing training facilities, scheduling and booking training rooms, requesting support services, ordering event materials and managing existing orders. Tracker organizes all of this information using an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard that can be viewed and shared with other project team members.

“Tracker™ is a mission-critical tool that our customers rely on in preparing for and managing a large-scale training roll-out or meetings. We are committed to increasing the value of our learning experience management solutions for customers with tools that create efficiencies and make their job easier,” said Hugh McCullen, MicroTek President.

One of the most significant new features of Tracker™ is the Excel upload function, which allows users to directly import their schedule spreadsheets to automatically book training or meeting rooms, order amenities, and secure support learning peripherals as needed.

“The upgrades we have made to Tracker™ is a result of listening to the needs of our customers looking to create efficiencies in training logistics,” said Angel Sokolnicki, Director of Operations. “New features to tracker saves customers hours of time inputting data, particularly for those scheduling a full year of classes.”

Other upgrades, which were all designed to enhance the user experience, include mobile responsiveness, a more intuitive interface, enhanced filtering capabilities and improved information management features.

“Tracker is extremely easy to navigate and is especially useful for signing contracts. Rather than having to print all the paperwork, sign it and scan it back, Tracker allows me to easily approve all the necessary documents online from any location. Being a small business that’s always on the move, this is a really great feature for us,” said Andrew Emery, President, The Regulatory Group, Inc.

The latest release of Tracker™ was made on Thursday, December 11th. Online help documentation is available through the Tracker™ portable. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Tracker™ tour, please contact a MicroTek representative at 1-800- 207-9620 or visit our website.

About MicroTek
Since 1991, MicroTek has been the industry's leading, single-source provider of training and meeting solutions. With a base of 12 major metro learning campuses nationwide and a network of over 3,000 fully vetted training sites worldwide, MicroTek is equipped to manage and execute any sized training program—anywhere in the world.

MicroTek's end-to-end training and meeting solutions include virtual platforms, event management, instructor deployment, courseware management, scheduling and project implementation. MicroTek was named a Top Training Company for the sixth consecutive year by Trainingindustry.com.
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