Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc.
Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc.

Silicon Power Announces: The release of the 8GB Compact Flash Ultra Card

PC User’s, Say goodbye to system Crashes and CD Backups.

Taipei, Taiwan, January 26, 2006 --( Silicon Power announced today, the availability of the new Silicon Power 8GB Compact Flash Card. The pilot-launching announcement was actually made in early October in New Zealand at the Silicon Power Annual Dealer Conference.

The new Silicon Power 8GB Compact Flash Card is prime for the times and has set new high standards in capacity, performance, and low power consumption for longer shooting and recording. Whether you are on a sun-filled vacation or at your child’s special Christmas play, now you can store more and record longer without concern for limited capacity, slow performance, or excess battery drain.  At your home or at your office you can take full advantage of huge data back-up onto this minuscular Compact Flash Card. Now PC users no longer have experience the pains of system crashes with the fun and easy PC-Booting ability of this tiny sized, form-factored Compact Flash Card. Also, gone are the days of burning data and boot files to CD’s.

The Silicon Power 8GB Compact Flash Card was recently tested by the highly trusted benchmark testing authority in Taiwan – DC View. Tested in a Canon EOS 350D, the Silicon Power 8GB Compact Flash Card stored 953 RAW photos. The RAW image format is a large, full range capture feature often available in high quality digital cameras. An unimaginable number shots can also be stored under image capture format settings such as JPG or TIFF.

Capturing RAW high-resolution images is an experience both brisk and smooth with the Silicon Power 8GB Compact Flash Card.  The optimized controller incites the highest-ever write speeds and less time between shots for streaming rapid-fire shooting. Compact Flash cards are the de facto standard in professional cameras because of their dynamite speed in being transferred the images from a camera's internal memory.

The Silicon Power Compact Flash Ultra 8GB Flash Card represents high capacity and break-neck speed write performance. In addition, new lower power consumption lets you shoot even longer. It comes with a typical Lifetime Warranty, as do all Silicon Power lines of Compact Flash Cards, Secure Digital Cards, and USB Flash Drives.

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Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc. (SP) was founded by a group of well-experienced marketing and technical specialists who design, develop, manufacture, and market Flash Data storage products, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of brand name Flash Memory Cards, USB flash drives, card readers, MP3 players, and other consumer electronic devices.
Silicon Power products help drive market demand for Digital Camera’s, Multimedia Mobile Phones, USB Flash Drives, and other consumer electronic devices in over 90 countries via distributors, VARs (Value-Added-Resellers), retailers, and OEM partners. Silicon Power brand name products have already become recognized and are supported worldwide not only because of their superior quality, but also because of their investments in new products, our strong management team and our intense high quality control. What makes us so successful is our commitment to profit sharing, and a long-term relationship with our customers, vendors, employees and investors.

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