A New Study Supports the Advantages of Resveratrol in the Combat Against Aging

There have been many reports explaining that Resveratrol is found in grape skin extract, nuts and a few other plants and the links to extending a healthy life. But as the majority of the research had been carried out on animals the claims that the benefits were also gained by humans has been disputed in some areas.

Irving, TX, January 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- A study run by Professor Paul Schimmel from the Scripps Institute in California shows that best resveratrol actually imitates one of the molecules naturally found in the human body that aids the activation of the chemical pathway that limits the damage and stress of DNA cells which leads to the aging process. Not only that but it does so at a far lower concentration than previously used.

As the acquisition of sufficient resveratrol to be effective has been prohibitive, supplements have been produced. Feel Good Gold are a company who produce a Resveratrol Complex supplement. Their spokesman Matthew Byron says “We already knew about the efficiency of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of resveratrol and it is good to see that this latest research is continuing to confirm its’ anti-aging properties, including the effect on age related illnesses.”

The research has found that resveratrol imitates tyrosine which binds to enzymes in the body. One of these, TyrRS activates when resveratrol binds to it enabling it to move into the cell nucleus. From here it then activates protective genes including the longevity gene which aids an extended lifespan and fights against age related illnesses. The researchers believe the enzyme TyrRS is part of the defence system dating back to the time when the plant and animal kingdoms were not separated.

In brief, this enzyme, TyrRS, which is activated by Resveratrol becomes a mechanism to protect cells in all life forms. It would appear therefore, that the long held beliefs of the benefits of resveratrol have been given a great deal of credibility.
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