Pro-Staff Announces the Upcoming Termite Prevention Services

Pro-Staff Pest Control, a trusted pest-control and lawn-care company in Central Florida, has noted that termites are likely during this winter season.

Orlando, FL, January 22, 2015 --( Pro-Staff Pest Control, a much-awarded pest control and lawn care service in Orlando, Fla., is notifying homeowners to prepare for termite season. A rainy winter can cause termites to swarm as early as January. Pro-Staff has identified the potential threat and has begun taking steps to help their customers prepare.

Termites love to feast on any type of wood. Homeowners should take a walk around their property and move firewood, mulch and landscaping timbers away from the house. If you have wood mulch, consider using recycled materials instead.

These wood-eating pests also get pretty thirsty and are attracted to moisture. Homeowners should make sure that water is being drained away from their property and that they don’t have any leaky pipes. They should keep an eye on your irrigation system, too. Many times a leaking sprinkler head or hose causes water to pool into the soil adjacent to the home. Building plans? Pro-Staff can treat the soil for termites prior to constructing a shed or room addition to your home.

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