Austin Entrepreneur Creates Texas' First Sorority Rush Coaching Company

Austin, TX, January 29, 2015 --( It's no secret - sorority rush is extremely competitive, especially at The University of Texas. Each year, up to 1300 young ladies walk from house to house in high heels - and sweltering 100-degree temperatures, in order to vie for one of about 900 spots in the 14 Panhellenic sororities.

Rushees often assume that "everyone has an equal opportunity." While that’s a nice thought, it is not necessarily true. If you do the math, it means that around 400 qualified rushees will not get a bid. You've probably heard stories of a once hopeful, now heart broken freshmen.

Up and coming Austin entrepreneur, Stacia Damron, was tired of seeing qualified, intelligent, and articulate ladies get cut. After coaching countless family, friends, and other young ladies pro bono, she created a solution to the problem: Hiking in Heels sorority rush coaching.

Damron, who was an active member (and officer) in a UT sorority, took an active role in its recruitment process. She applies everything she learned to her coaching services. She won't give out client names, or name drop sororities (It's against her policy.), but she is more than happy to give out advice. In the past few years, Hiking in Heels has successfully placed the majority of its clients in various UT sororities.

While she is first to market with the idea in Texas, she notes that her services do not guarantee her clients a bid, nor do they guarantee or recommend a specific house. The program does, however, give her candidates the edge, preparing them for every step of the process. It maximizes their chances of receiving a bid, as it significantly increases the number of houses they get invited back to. The company also encourages mothers and Panhellenic groups to take advantage of group coaching sessions.

According to the Hiking in Heels website,, which has some savvy, creative tips for mothers with daughters going through rush, services include everything from rush package prep to identifying recruitment advantages.

And it has mothers calling non-stop to secure their daughters a spot. It's no surprise - Hiking in Heels is the only coaching service that specializes in UT rush, and it's competing with national, generic coaching services, which often cost exorbitant fees of up to $6,000. In contrast, Hiking in Heels charges $295/session, which lasts around 2-3 hours, and includes follow up questions.

According to a statement from Hiking in Heels, "Rush is often incorrectly stereotyped. Having a successful rush isn’t dependent on what you drive or how much money you have. There are so many ways to maximize one’s chances that it's a shame most girls aren't made aware of them prior to participating in rush.

There are numerous reasons to join a sorority: networking, scholarships, philanthropic efforts, and amazing friendships. Hiking in Heels was started to highlight the benefits of doing so, and to give everyone a fair shot at participating in Greek life. Most sorority members have a wonderful, positive experience during their college years. If we are able to help just a few ladies navigate through the rush process, then our business has been successful.”

For more information, or to inquire about partnership opportunities, contact Hiking in Heels at 512-827-7586 or email them at
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