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Sanitary Process Components (SPC) recently launched a new website for its brand, Diaphragm Direct®. The website is an easy-to-use online destination for ordering replacement diaphragm parts. By providing this important service, Diaphragm Direct® hopes to bridge the gap between the consumer and the organization, eliminating intermediaries, and as a result, reducing overall costs to client.

Raleigh, NC, February 04, 2015 --( Sanitary Process Components (SPC), the leading supplier of sanitary products, is providing its customers with an innovative platform to meet their valve requirements. The organization recently launched its new website,

The online site is specifically designed to support customers in procuring the organization’s well-known product, diaphragm valves.

The website offers a simple process by which customers can find the right diaphragm part.

• The customer can choose the OEM of his choice
• He can select the diaphragm direct part number.
• Within the diaphragm direct part number page, the customers can also search for the appropriate component by typing in the OEM part number.
• If a customer does not know the diaphragm number, the website also provides a questionnaire option.
• Customers will find other information related to the Diaphragm Direct part including connection type, product description, compliance details, traceability, temperature, and name of the OEM manufacturer.
• They can also view a PDF white sheet with specifications of each diaphragm part and grade.

The website will then instantly provide the optimum diaphragm valve replacement option. Diaphragm Direct® uses this information given by the customer to quickly find the best replacement product for a customer’s requirement.

A complex and time-consuming process that had clients entirely dependent on technicians is now transformed into a 6-step process. With this online platform, Diaphragm Direct® provides process independence to the customer by eliminating intermediaries, as well as offering reduced costs.

This new online website along with in-house design and molding capabilities and years of engineering expertise advances Diaphragm Direct® as the leading source for replacement diaphragms and diaphragm valve seal gaskets.

About Diaphragm Direct®:

Diaphragm Direct® is a brand of Sanitary Process Components (SPC). It is a leading supplier of replacement diaphragms for leading OEMs of the diaphragm valve industry. The organization is provides solutions in terms of replacement seals and diaphragms, dosing pump diaphragms, and custom diaphragms and seals. They also provide design and fabrication services for custom diaphragms. Diaphragm Direct® provides various types of diaphragms in different sized parts for all application levels. Customers will also find product solutions for plastic valve replacement diaphragms and hard-to-source specialty diaphragms.
Diaphragm Direct®
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