The Path to Healthy Relationships May Start with Breath

Mary Ellen Flesher is a Breath of Bliss breathwork practitioner who has seen enormous transformation both in her own life and the lives of her clients. This practice allows you to feel and release your emotions which may help you keep lines of communication open in your relationships.

Denver, CO, February 05, 2015 --( Mary Ellen Flesher is passionate about breath, more specifically the Breath of Bliss. Flesher is a breathwork practitioner who has seen enormous transformation both in her own life and the lives of her clients.

“Breath of Bliss is a breathwork practice that explores conscious, connected breathing in order to feel more alive,” shares Flesher. “When we are willing to explore the power of breath, we become aware of physical sensations, we connect with our subconscious and we allow ourselves to feel and release emotions.”

That becomes particularly significant in relationships. The mind maps events in the brain, both pleasurable and painful. These maps serve to guide an individual throughout life. Every present experience is being evaluated based on the map. This can cause a person to avoid potentially uncomfortable or painful experiences. Over time, through avoidance, communication deteriorates. The ability to communicate openly and honestly is what keeps relationships healthy.

Flesher shares that the Breath of Bliss detoxifies a person physically and emotionally, reduces stress, and improves mental clarity. This work is not solely breathing. Movement, healing touch, and communication exercises are also incorporated.

“Mary Ellen takes her participants on a investigative journey that inevitably grounds us in our bodies so that we can travel beyond our bodies, fosters connection to self and others and reveals many sides to ones experience. This workshop was delightfully playful, deep, loving and reflective.” -Jenna Wilson

Flesher will be offering a Valentine's Day Breath of Bliss Ceremony for couples and singles alike, on February 14, 2015 from 1pm - 3:30pm at Inspire Life Studio (938 W 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80204) for a $30 suggested donation. RSVPs are required at The ceremony will include a crystal healing by Teresa Gostanza.

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Mary Ellen Flesher