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Over the past 1.5 years Applaud Women magazine has significantly increased the quantity and quality of its editorial content. To facilitate the conversion of readers from free content to a paid subscription, a subscription gift giveaway was created.

Raymond, NH, February 12, 2015 --( Applaud Women magazine commenced a ground-breaking journey in mid-2013. The first phase in the developmental process was to create affiliate relationships with national and internationally known experts in Business, Social Media, Dating, Personal Growth and Health and Wellness. This enabled the magazine to incorporate editorial content from some of the top writers in their field e.g. Ali Brown, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Christiane Northrup to name a few. The second phase was to expand the magazine on an international level. Over the last year Susan Caldwell, founder and publisher of the magazine, used social media to connect with women across the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and other countries to both promote the magazine and create an International Advisory Board to assist with promoting future issues. During this process she significantly increased the editorial staff, expanding the Food, Dating, Parenting, Health & Wellness, Home and Business departments.

As of Jan, 2015 the magazine has moved into the third phase, which is to convert to a fee paid magazine. The current single issue cost is just 95 cents and the annual subscription price is only $2.96. To help readers get over the free-to-charge hurtle we have created a special promo which offers subscribers one free issue per year plus a special gift. Readers will continue to be able read a preview of the magazine for free. The preview version will include information about the Advisory Board members, writers and some complete articles, but most articles will include only a couple of paragraphs.

So what are the specifics of this promo deal? “I understand that there is an expectation of getting material for free on the web, especially if it has been offered for free over the last 5 years. When researching this issue on the internet I found that the trend to give it all away for free is changing for leading newspapers and publications. However, I want to make the transition as painless as possible for my readers. I therefore reviewed past issues of the magazine to see what, if anything, I could offer readers to motivate them to make that jump from free to pay. What I found was several articles of interviews with celebrity women that many of our current readers haven’t had access to and I’m sure would enjoy reading;” shared Susan.

The promo which runs now through the end of February includes one extra issue of the magazine and a gift of an exclusive interview article with one of the following amazing women: Carol Channing, ‪Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, ‪Cheryl Richardson - Author, toured Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life,” Frances Rivera - NBC, MSNBC News, Maria Stephanos - Fox News, ‪Janet Evanovich - Author - ‪Stephanie Plum series. Readers just need to go through the subscription process then email their choice to Susan at

About Applaud Women's Magazine

Applaud magazine was created as a print magazine in 2002 to inform, inspire & inform women ages 21 – 65+ in New England. It remained in print until 2009 at which point the Applaud Women digital magazine was born.

Susan Caldwell shares, “I am passionate about providing the best information possible so that women can make the necessary decisions in their life to become the best version of themselves possible and to provide inspiration to motivate them to find and follow their dreams. I also wanted to provide something of interest or informative for each woman no matter their age, situation or location. So I created an all-inclusive women’s magazine rather than a women’s niche magazine. We’re multidimensional humans. We’re not just foodies, or parents, business owners or career women. We have tons of interests and concerns because we play so many divergent roles today. Some of us want to keep up with makeup, hair, and fashion trends. Some of us are very concerned about our health and well-being, others are concerned with our personal growth or how we relate to others and many women are seeking information about their career or business. I want my publication to provide something for everyone.”

In 2013, Applaud Women became the latest global online women’s interest magazine to hit the scene with not only great reading material but individual shopping sections throughout the magazine as well.

The magazine can either be read using the page-turning software, which can be viewed both on mobile devices and computers or using the PDF file. Readers are able to access different sections of the magazine from the front cover, plus the entire Table of Contents can be accessed using the Bookmark tool.

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To schedule an interview with Susan Caldwell, please contact her at or call 603-895-4699.
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