USAMDT Expands in Preparation for New Clients

Milwaukee, WI, February 19, 2015 --( Leading USA Mobile Drug Testing of South Milwaukee through another year of record growth, Lori Benson has taken her company from strictly mobile, to a company with a fixed location while retaining the mobile capabilities that set USAMDT apart from all other drug testing companies.

Their new office allows them to serve clients at USAMDT offices or on-site at clients’ locations. “It’s the best of both worlds,” Benson said.

“We've had the opportunity to serve a lot of new clients over the past year, and after helping them to dramatically reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity, some really big names throughout Milwaukee have started reaching out to us for our help. We felt now was the time to open our fixed location in preparation for the added workload.”

Benson went on to say “Our new location isn't just for the new clients who are coming on board this quarter though; it’s also an added convenience for our existing clients. Most of our work is on-site which means we come to the client’s location to preform drug testing 24/7, but on-site testing may not be as cost-effective if they just need to have one employee tested. Our new fixed location allows them to send an individual employee to us for testing.”

Benson anticipates hiring additional staff to support the new clients once they are formally announced so that she can continue to offer the same level of personal service that she provides to her existing clients. “One of the things I’m most proud of is how we treat our clients. We make it our goal to consistently exceed their expectations and make each one feel like they are our most important client. I think our new location will help us to do that more effectively.”

“I’m excited about this next step for our company because it means that we've served our clients well. So well, in fact, that they've gone out of their way to help us grow. I look forward to continuing to serve the Milwaukee business community, helping more companies to reduce workplace accidents, increase productivity, and save money on workers compensation insurance.”
USA Mobile Drug Testing
Jeremy Knauff