Detectamet’s Hygienic Hearing Protection with Detectability and Infection Control

Detectamet ear protection products resolve the challenge of ear infection, hearing loss and the contamination of food and drink. The medically approved materials are used and the effective designs ensure they achieve regulatory recognised standards of sound reduction. The metal and X-ray visible plastics allow food and drink process line equipment to reject contaminated finished product.

York, United Kingdom, February 27, 2015 --( Food and drink manufacturing are noisy environments where protecting the workers hearing is either essential or helpful to their comfort and concentration. Managers of food or drink processing areas must also protect the products from mislaid ear protection that can get into the process because foreign matter contamination can trigger expensive product recalls.

The Detectamet ear protection range is detectable when inspected by metal or X-ray detection systems that will reject the contaminated product before the extraneous matter is discovered by the consumer.

The range offers several choices. The Expandaband for example is designed for comfort throughout the working shift. The band fits behind the neck or under the chin so there is less risk of cord entanglement with moving machinery. It also keeps the earplugs clear of work surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. It is available in blue or red and can be fitted with Sonar ear plugs.

Some businesses specify disposable earplugs for limited use and specify designs that will be used once. Fully detectable disposable earplugs with a blue detectable cord are available that fulfil US and international standards on noise suppression. These plugs will protect the wearers hearing.

Detectamet has developed an ear protection system that is re-usable, hygienic and cost effect. The ‘Clean Ear System’ helps to reduce the risk of cross infection from ear to ear with the use of one red (left) and one blue (right) cleanable ‘Sonar’ detectable plugs on a detectable cord. Each set is supplied with a unique ‘Clean Ear’ storage box that is ventilated to allow the cleaned and sanitised plugs to dry. The boxes can be numbered and the plugs are available in two sizes. The two flange or the three flange plugs should be selected to ensure a comfortable good fit in large or small ears. They are rated to SNR 24 and to NRR 17dB. For more information contact s.smith at
Sean Smith
0044 (0) 1759 304200
Derrick Blunden