Completely Detectable Shoe Covers Are Dancing Around the Factory

Detectamet’s new fully detectable shoe covers are more durable and unlike covers using thin metal strips for detectability, every part of the new covers can be seen by metal detectors and X-ray systems and rejected. These covers significantly reduce the risks of contamination.

YORK, United Kingdom, March 06, 2015 --( The interest in Detectamet’s fully detectable shoe covers has increased tenfold since the completely detectable covers were launched at the end of 2014. “The fact that the whole cover can be seen by metal detectors and X-ray systems has grabbed our customers’ attention,” said Sean Smith, Detectamet’s CEO. “They have also learned that the new material is so much more durable and so samples have been requested to be trialled across the UK.”

The new designs don’t have the old metallic strip for a hit and miss detectability. The whole of the plastic cover is made by using Detectamet’s unique metal and X-ray visible polymer. These shoe covers can be identified by standard detection/inspection systems. Accidental or deliberate contamination should be identified and then rejected by either detection systems before it leaves the production site.

“We carried tests on the pre-production samples and we were very impressed with both the detectability and the durability of the new covers,” Sean explained “Some of our factory staff wore them for a day and compared them with the old specification worn for a similar period of time.”

“I’ve experienced the use of similar non-detectable over shoes,” said Sean “and they can wear out before lunchtime. The new design with the new material is much more durable.”

Not only are the new shoe covers more reliable and more detectable they are no more expensive than the old fashion metallic strip versions. The overshoes are used for visitors to cover their outdoor shoes and interdepartmental staff can use them to re-cover their footwear as they move to and from restricted areas.

The elasticised cuff ensures a firm and sure fit and the seamless bottom makes them comfortable to wear and less likely to wear out. The durable material also reduces waste with fewer being torn when they are being fitted. The blue covers are available in packs of 1000.

The material has been cleared for safe contact with food to conform with EU and USFDA requirements. This is especially important for the users of Detectamet’s detectable aprons and sleeve covers that are now made from the same material. Full technical data sheets are available on request. For more information contact: s.smith at
Sean Smith
0044 (0) 1759 304200
Derrick Blunden