Australia’s Most Popular Share Suburbs for 2015

Sydney, Australia, March 10, 2015 --( Surry Hills (NSW) is the most popular share accommodation suburb in Australia according to latest data released by

The inner-city Sydney suburb beat out equally trendy centres Newtown (NSW) and Fitzroy (VIC) to be named the most sought after area to look for a home.

Tourist hotspot Bondi (NSW) and culturally diverse Richmond (VIC) rounded out the top five suburbs respectively.

The results, which were based on over 60,000 room wanted profiles, totalled the number of people looking in each suburb of Australia.

General Manager of, Mr Thomas Clement said Surry Hills was a popular place to look due to its proximity to transport hubs, universities and the Sydney CBD.

“Surry Hills is a vibrant area with a lot to offer both socially and culturally,” said Mr Clement.

“The area also has a large number of terrace homes, which are popular for those in looking to share a place.

“Add to the mix a major transport hub and you have the perfect location for students, travellers and professionals.”

While Surry Hills and Newtown were the hands-down favourite suburbs for anyone searching in Sydney, those in Melbourne appeared more divided with men preferring Carlton, women favouring Richmond and couples listing St Kilda as their most sought after place.

“All of these areas are desirable to live in because they offer a great mix of convenience and lifestyle,” said Mr Clement.

“The option to share accommodation also makes these areas more affordable for those wanting to experience an inner-city lifestyle.”

Most Popular Share Accommodation Suburbs

1. Surry Hills, NSW

6. St Kilda, VIC

2. Newtown, NSW

7. Carlton, VIC

3. Fitzroy, VIC

8. Brusnwick, VIC

4. Bondi, NSW

9. South Yarra, VIC

5. Richmond, VIC

10. Glebe, NSW
Aaron Wischusen