Announces Nutritious Meal Programs for Aging Parents

Meal Programs offer a solution for people worried about their parents' health and eating habits. For those directly involved in caregiving, a meal program will save time and energy which can be directed elsewhere.

Los Altos, CA, March 11, 2015 --( Many adult children often worry their still independent, yet aging parents, might not be getting the essential nutrients they require. These adult children realize their parents still require good nutrition from their meals to stay healthy. Many seniors fail, usually due to a lack of knowledge and/or oversight, to meet those critical nutritional requirements. That being the case, obtaining a meal program that is home delivered offers a viable solution to this problem.

As we age, our nutritional requirements remain relatively unchanged, despite how our bodies change. One of the primary differences between the body of an 85 year old and a 25 year old is a reduction in muscle mass. The main change in diet that needs to be made, due to this gradual loss of lean muscle, is a reduction in caloric intake. Therefore, eating nutrient dense food, and reducing the intake of empty calories, becomes extremely important for older adults.

One example of a key nutrient that seniors need in the same quantities as younger adults is protein. Despite the fact that we lose muscle mass as we age, that does not require older adults to consume massive amounts of protein. What is important is to continue to consume protein as recommended by doctors and nutritionists for all adults, regardless of age. Unfortunately for many seniors, their appetites diminish as their activity does, and, as a result, they fail to consume enough protein and other key nutrients.

Other nutrients that are vitally important as we age are calcium, and vitamins B6, B12 and D. Calcium and vitamin D are essential in fending off osteoporosis, while vitamins B6 and B12 support a healthy immune system as well as assist in the maintenance of neurological functions. Since seniors need to eat less this poses a unique problem for them and their loving children and/or caregivers. How do we ensure that our older parents are getting all the necessary nutrients they require? We all lead busy lives, including seniors, and finding the time to prepare and cook healthy meals can be difficult.

The CEO of, Greg Miller, states, “Our goal at is to provide affordable, nutritious, delicious meals for business families and seniors to allow them to eat healthy at fair prices.” His company offers a variety of meal programs that are delivered to your door as often as you require. They also provide meals for a number of dietary conditions, to include: portion control, low carb or sodium, diabetic or dialysis friendly, or heart healthy. These home delivered meals make it easier for the children of aging parents to ensure their parents are consuming the key nutrients their aging bodies require and removes a constant worry from their busy lives.

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