Butterfly Releases Make Any Special Occasion Magical

Butterflies & Roses Now Offers Easy Online Ordering of Live Butterflies Anywhere in Canada.

Toronto, Canada, March 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Butterflies & Roses provides a variety of butterfly kits for any special occasion or classroom learning. With Butterflies & Roses' new website redesign and user-friendly online store, having these magnificent creatures delivered straight to your doorstep is easier than ever before.

Butterflies should be ordered within 30 days of the required delivery date to ensure availability. Kits start as low as $43.50/kit, and additional housing and feeding accessories are also available for a great price.

Butterfly Releases

Make any special occasion that much more memorable with an elegant butterfly release, guaranteed to awe all of your guests and loved ones. Weddings, funerals, graduations — any day worth remembering is a day worth making special.

Butterflies can be released in Canada between May and October, as long as the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, or warmer. The butterflies will be delivered right to you, cooled to a dormant state. They can remain safely and peacefully contained in such a state for up to four three days. Once released, they will return to their natural habitat for others to see and enjoy. You can even keep them nearby with a butterfly feeder!

Classroom Study

Children tend to learn best when they are fascinated by something they can see or touch. Butterflies are incredibly interesting, and watching them grow from a caterpillar to a full-grown butterfly is a fun and exciting learning experience. Kits include individually cupped caterpillars, and food. Home rearing kits also include a 12” square mesh butterfly house.

A butterfly kit is sure to get young students motivated to learn!

Butterflies Offered:
• Painted Lady
• Monarch
• Red Admiral
• Black Swallowtail
• Buckeye


“It was magical! ...the looks on everyone's faces was a moment that we will cherish forever. Thank you so much for going through hoops for us to make it all happen. It couldn't have turned out better!”
-Lynn & Gregory, Digby, NS

“I ordered your butterflies for my son's wedding on August 14th. They were a big hit! …everyone thought they were unique. Thank you for your great service!”
-Vicki Dunn, Herring Cove NS

About Organization

Butterflies & Roses was created in 1998 by Wayne Busman Sr. The business was a way for him to share his passion for the magic of butterflies with others. Today, that passion of his lives on through his children, who continue to hand-raise the butterflies and grow the business — delivering the miracle of nature.

For more information about the services, or to place an order, please visit www.butterfliesandroses.com.
Butterflies and Roses
Linda Rambachan