Detectamet Takes a Firm Stand on Food Safety and Health & Safety

Detectamet’s Heavy Duty A Frame Industrial Floor Display has been described by a food safety consultant as “shouting clean, compliant, and demonstrating a very good safety and food safety culture from a food safety point of view.”

York, United Kingdom, March 20, 2015 --( What is big enough to be seen and small enough to be stored and strong enough to stand up for itself and heavy enough to stay on the ground? The Heavy Duty A Frame Industrial Floor Display is the latest product in the Detectamet Stainless Steel range of products.

“Stainless steel offers a very positive image for the food industry,” says Sean Smith Detectamet’s CEO. “The equipment looks clean and hygienic and the sturdy resilience means that the products last longer for good value over the product life cycle.” Sean explained how a Safety, Health & Environmental Consultant recently saw the new sign and said, “From a food safety point of view it just shouts Clean, Compliant, very good safety and food safety culture.”

It will work well in heavy traffic areas both indoors and outdoors. The robust construction in 304 grade stainless steel can be easily opened to stand 600mm tall on a sturdy base of 520mm x 300mm. It is hard to knock over and much less likely to be blown away.

The stainless steel structure means that it is ideal for the food industry because is easy to clean and keep hygienic. It won’t rust, warp crack or crumble and has a long useful life. The smart looking portable sign opens easily for display and folds for storage. Detectamet is offering a wide choice of sign designs to be engraved or attached.

Firstly any message can be laser engraved on the stainless steel surface or can be applied on a washable pre-printed film. The sign can also be covered in a wipe board material for write-on wipe-off messages. The stands can also be bought with no sign writing on the stainless steel panels and they resist wide temperature variations.

“As a safety sign this exciting design is just what the food processing industry has been asking for,” Sean explained. “It has also generated enquiries from other businesses such as restaurants wanting pavement signs to tell passers-by the latest dish-of-the-day. With the write on - wipe off surface option these can be updated daily.”

Detectamet’s in-house laser engraving machine can be used for producing customised signs that in corporate logos, instructions or warnings. For more information contact s.smith at
Sean Smith
0044 (0) 1759 304200
Derrick Blunden