Climaveneta for the New BNP Paribas Data Center in Paris

More than 12,200 kW of top efficiency cooling systems for the Bank’s 2400 m2 data center.

Bassano del Grappa, Italy, March 25, 2015 --( Val d'Europe is part of the new town known as Marne-la-Vallée and is located around 35 km East of Paris, near Disneyland. Val d'Europe was built in conjunction with The Walt Disney Company, who wished to create a town near the Resort.

The International Companies Park is a new 6575 m2 development dedicated to SMEs and SMIs in Val d’Europe.

In this modern and fast-moving context BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in the world in terms of total assets and total capitalization, decided to establish their new data center. The BNP Paribas Group operates in 75 countries and employs nearly 185,000 employees. Over 7,000 bank branches (of which more than 2,500 are in France) provide their services each day to 22 million customers (of which 7,4 million are in France).

The new project consists of two buildings of 1630 and 9990 m2, located on a 74,965 m2 piece of land aimed at combining the landscaping requirements with the company’s environmental responsibility policy, that is, to reduce their own ecological footprint as much as possible.

The new buildings contain offices and 4 data centers that will host and enable IR + Networks + telecom operations of most of the bank’s IT production.

Beyond the new BNP Paribas one, France has a fleet of a hundred data centers in banking and the telephone and internet market that all have the same need: server room cooling. The computers must be constantly cooled by units producing a significant amount of hot air that is lost in the atmosphere. Hence the idea to recover this wasted energy.

An example of this concept is the smart thermal energy management, proposed by Climaveneta, the only partner able to supply units both for IT and comfort applications, with a wide range of products and a thousand projects in all kinds of buildings all over the world.

In the case of data centers within a building, like in the BNP’s new buildings, instead of wasting the heat removed from the server room it is effectively possible to recover it by creating an integrated system for cooling, heating and domestic hot water production.

That is to say that by installing a Climaveneta heat pump or chiller it is possible to cool the data center and to recover the wasted heat to provide the comfort in the nearby rooms or for domestic hot water production. In this way it is possible to combine perfect comfort and zero energy waste, to improve the building’s green certification rating and to obtain a substantial annual savings.

Focus on HVAC

At BNPP Val d’Europe Climaveneta supplied a complete system able to combine the reliability and continuous cooling in the data center with sustainability and the perfect level of comfort in the offices. The system is composed of 12 high efficiency chillers and 28 close control units for a total of 12,200 kW and is worth more than one million euros.

Going in depth 2 FX FC NG 3902 SL-T chillers in a super low noise version with a 100% positive free-cooling temperature are able to grant an energy cost very close to zero and reach an EER equal to 36. At BNPP the FX FC chillers are in NG configuration, specifically designed to comply with all the applications where the use of ethylene glycol is either not permitted or desirous.

Furthermore, 10 FOCS2 3602 SL-K-S air source chillers in a compact and super low-noise version have been installed because they are able to adapt easily to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise thermoregulation and so to optimize the cost - performance ratio.

Inside the data centers 28 Accurate close control units have been installed for the precise temperature and humidity control. All the units -8 ACU 25, 4 ACU 30, 8 ACU 70, 8 ACU 171- have been selected with bottom air intake for a total cooling capacity of 2,448.8 kW.

Thanks to the complete HVAC+HPAC system, the heat removed from the server room is used to warm the offices and for the sanitary hot water production at no extra cost, improving the energy performance of the whole building.

Thierry Martin, Climaveneta France Managing Director says: “It has been a pleasure to work with such a big group like BNP and a challenge to find the best way to satisfy their request in terms of cooling and efficiency.” He follows: “The new data center in Val d’Europe is the last of an important sequence of projects Climaveneta achieved for BNP not only in France but all over Europe and demonstrate the company reliability in terms of HVAC and HPAC solutions.”

Boasting experience of more than 40 years in manufacturing units for industrial and commercial applications, Climaveneta’s range presents itself as the ideal solution to match the most demanding requirements of Datacenter designers and managers in terms of reliability, efficiency, flexibility and lowest cost of ownership.
Sara Di Clemente