How to Live the Sensuous Life and Attract All the Love, Sex, Happiness and Success Life Has to Offer

In these trying times it seems as if strife, self-denial and sacrifice are controlling the lives of many. Supposedly we have entered a New Age "The Age of Aquarius." If this is true why is there so much turmoil in the world-- and why are so many suffering a life that is less than it could be? The book "How to Live The Sensuous Life" shows that life can actually be filled with pleasure and ecstasy-- whether you are rich, on a modest income or just prefer the simple life.

Benbrook, TX, November 21, 2007 --( "How to Live The Sensuous Life" is a book about how to enjoy all the pleasures of life. The author, Robert A. Meyer realizes that pleasure can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. He shows the reader how to combine all of these attributes into a total state of being. This way all of a person's activities are filled with the maximum amount of pleasure and ecstasy.

Activities such as sex, listening to music, watching television, eating and drinking, enjoying nature, etc. can be enjoyed at the highest levels of existence. With 30 years of studying Metaphysics, Philosophy, Psychology and Economics and 20 years of intense meditations, the author has fine tuned sensuous living into an everyday joyous experience. Heather Colman of eBook Palace and Custom Design Graphics says about the author “Wow. You are one deep person. You really have a unique way of looking at life."

The author is dedicated to helping as many people as possible enjoy The Sensuous Life. He knows from his own experiences that this is the way men and women are meant to live. He also wants to free as many as possible from the guilt, self-denial and sacrifice that permeates their lives. By combining Libertarian and New Age principles he offers people the liberty and freedom to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer.

"How to Live The Sensuous Life" is the first in a series of books from its author Robert A Meyer that will be published. He takes a unique approach by combining Libertarian and New Age principles into a living philosophy for everyday life. It is doubtful Ayn Rand would give her approval. Some New Age people might also be shocked. Along with the book-- 2 free reports are offered.

#1 The Sensuous One Challenges the Absolute Moralist #2 How to Win the Drug War

Robert Meyer and Gloria Hale-Meyer
Robert A. Meyer