Plasma is Bringing the Internet of Things to Enterprises with New Middleware Technology

Plasma is now providing Machine 2 Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that integrate with their long-offered Automation, Portal Development and Business Analytics Solutions.

Dallas, TX, January 30, 2015 --( Plasma’s enterprise-level web services and solutions have been evolving since 2003. In 2014, Plasma launched,, a platform that focuses on Internet of Things device and API connectivity, authentication, activation and more. is a dynamic device adapter that allows codeless connectivity to Internet of Things data sources and devices regardless of protocol. Plasma can now offer a unique data and device connector on a simple plug and play interface that ensures ease of use in an otherwise difficult and exceptionally technical environment. Also, Real-Time data and access allows for enterprises to make smart, revenue generating decisions and Cloud Simplicity eliminates any need for hardware, software or instillation requirements. All information and data is secure and available with a simple login, from anywhere.

This platform has been strategically added to the Plasma portfolio with intent to complete a three layered, end-to-end business value. The IoT connectivity platform joins the Plasma Fusion Business Process Management (BPM) and SiDBusiness Analytics Platforms already existing in Plasma’s business offerings.

The Internet of Things is becoming more and more prevalent in the business world, and Plasma plans to be a large player in it. Gartner estimates that the industry will yield over of $300 Billion by 2020 in product and supplier incremental revenue.Plasma EVP, Yasser Khan, comments, “Being able to now provide our current and future enterprise customers with Internet of Things integration allows us to deliver and deploy mission critical enterprise solutions. I am very excited for what the future of IoT holds.”

About the Plasma IoT Middleware
Plasma’s new IoT connector middleware enables organizations to build enterprise level IoT/M2M applications. The platform allows dynamic connections to disparate devices, sensors and intelligent data feeds, enabling real-time connection, management, analytics, mash-ups, control, and event management.

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