Boxme Launches On-Demand Physical Storage Service

Bangalore, India, April 03, 2015 --( Boxme launches physical storage platform for individuals and businesses, aiming to change the way storage is done today. The platform lets individuals and businesses buy storage space – on a per cubic foot, per day basis, easily online.

The concept for Boxme came about, when the co-founders connected over a common issue of not having sufficient storage space to keep some of their goods at home. The founders looked for storage solutions around Bangalore and found them to either be very expensive, not secure, or not convenient.

But, later realized that storage was not just a problem for individuals, but businesses too. Renting warehouses has, for several decades, been done in a traditional way. Individuals and SMEs when in need for storage space, often end up paying large sums of money for simple storage.

Even today, renting warehouses for personal or business requirements is a pain. There are minimum duration clauses, and 1 year advances to be paid. Consumers have to pay even when they don't really use the space rented. Several warehouses don't even meet safety requirements, etc.

Boxme aims to change that with their easy to use and affordable storage services. It start at as low as Rs 12/ cubic foot/month. Boxme only charges for the amount of space actually consumed, down to the last cubic foot. Boxme also provides high grade plastic boxes to store goods. Prices for storing using Boxes start at Rs 79/box/month.

Users can now start storing in 2 easy steps:

Visit the website ( Enter the items to be stored and find out how much storage would cost.

Schedule when you want your things picked up

Once they are picked, images and description of user’s goods can be viewed online. Anytime users want their goods back, simply schedule a delivery online.

Boxme is now available only in Bangalore. With plans to expand to Chennai and Mumbai soon.
Akhil Mohanan