Streamlines Pricing Offering per Job Postings

New Per Job Pricing Allows Clients To Purchase Jobs A La Carte.

Lake Worth, FL, January 31, 2006 --(™ announced today that they have revised their pricing structure that charges per job pricing and aligns itself with other online job board pricing. 

“Due to the market, and to avoid any confusion when working with our clients, we felt that per job pricing would allow us to be more competitive in the job board market,” said Jason Gorham, CEO of “By offering per job pricing we can serve the smaller business market and allow smaller companies and clients to gain the same value utilizing our Push Posting™ technology” 

“Our first job introductory rate of $295.00 allows potential clients to see how our Push Posting technology works and helps them understand how pay per click job postings reach the passive and semi-active job seekers,” said Gorham. “Not only does the new per job pricing help us to be competitive, but it will also allow us to effectively market each job individually and provide a true return on investment to our clients and their jobs. The more jobs our clients purchase, the more of a discount we are able to provide to our clients, in addition for each identical job in different locations each job is only $50.00 to Push Post.” 

About™, ( is a national job board that works closely with companies to increase their recruitment results through the utilization of pay per click advertising. First in the market to provide a "quality of candidate approach" via customized job postings,'s patent pending proprietary Push Posting™ technology extracts keywords from job descriptions and inserts them into a variety of proven search engine keyword advertising methods. This is accomplished through creating custom job marketing solutions that taps the passive/semi active candidate market. Employers receive quality semi-active and passive candidates from these customized job postings.

Jason Gorham