Snow Melts Causing Water Issues in Homes

The wet fall and early winter is causing problems for homeowners as water enters the home and causes mold and other health issues. Gibbons Basement Systems, Inc. announced new methods of controlling these problems with products designed to stop water infiltration and routing.

Mexico, MO, December 03, 2007 --( Gibbons Basement Systems, Inc announced today products that will help contain water problems in your basement or crawl space. Engineered by Basement Systems, Inc. of CT, these products are a breakthrough in drying up below-ground spaces.

Homeowners can start by identifying where the water comes from. It could be surface water running down the walls, through cracks, or through basement windows. Groundwater that pushes into the seam where the floor meets the wall by hydrostatic pressure is a common problem. Storm sewer water backing up into the home via drains can cause some major issues during high rain times.

Controlling surface water doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Mark Peck Product Manager of Gibbons Basement Systems states "Next time you get a heavy rain take note where the water pools or runs around your house. Are the gutters overflowing because of leaves and debris? Are the gutters overflowing because they aren’t large enough? Any gutter overflow is a bad deal because while it may not be causing water in your basement yet, you can be for sure it will cause foundation settlement issues in the future. (The kind of thing that causes your sheetrock and brick to start cracking)"

You need a minimum of 10 feet away from the home. Make sure they aren’t draining into your footing drain system. That is another issue that was fairly common practice on older homes.

A little common sense goes a long way in treating this problem. Basement Systems Dealers like Gibbons Basement Systems, Inc. has solutions to guarantee a dry basement from interior drain systems like Waterguard, all the way to handling humidity with a unit called a SaniDry. But before you call your local dealer, check out the things mentioned above – because most likely the estimator that comes to visit you will ask you those very questions.

Gibbons Basement Systems, Inc is based in Mexico, MO and provides solutions for wet basements, damp crawl spaces, and foundation settlement in Central and Eastern Missouri.

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Dan Barker