The Great Business Sharing Platform—Gridow

H3 Platform presents a business video sharing‬ solution—Gridow. It is a business video sharing solution with high-quality video, double screens, and search tools. With Gridow, enterprises can easily earn more revenue by online events.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, May 16, 2015 --( H3 Platform presents a business video sharing solution—Gridow. It is a sales tool and enterprise service designed for online ‪broadcasting, conferences, live shows, lectures, and other online events. It supports high-quality videos that make viewers clearly see your presentation. It has double screens that help you engage with audiences. Its unique searchable index raises the usability of videos. With these key benefits, Gridow creates more business opportunities for enterprises.

Sharing Clearest Business Video
Gridow provides the clearest video for business video sharing. Gridow supports the video format from the standard (320X240) to full HD (1920X1080). Presenters can select an appropriate one based on their requirement and bandwidth. By high-definition videos, the presentation becomes more attractive for audiences.

Double Screens of Presenter and Material
Gridow can simultaneously show two screens— one for the presenter and the other for materials. Through the presenter video, audience can see the presenter’s visual aids, and body languages which enliven the performance. With this screen, the presenter engages more with the audiences.

During the presentation, Gridow simultaneously shows the material for your audience. It can be the text, photos, slides, or other document about this presentation. This helps audience understand and follow up. With these two screens, the speech becomes more immersive, vivid, and understandable.

Searchable Presentation Video

In on-demand videos, Gridow provides a convenient searchable index. By clicking on the page of slides in the index, the video will start to play the part about that page. Audiences can select pages freely and use their own tempo to watch the video. This also saves much time in finding the information they need. Further, Gridow has the search function. Audiences can directly find out the related videos with keywords from database. This convenient search tools makes the recorded video of your presentations more re-usable by the audience.

Gridow is a video sharing solution designed for business. Using Gridow helps enterprise earn more chances to create revenue. For more information, please go to H3 Platform website (
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