Plasma Rebrands Enterprise-Grade Platforms to C2M

Plasma strategically adds C2M Connect platform and changes existing platforms branded as Plasma Fusion BPM and SiD Business Intelligence Platform to C2M Workflow and C2M Visualize.

Dallas, TX, May 27, 2015 --( Over the years, Plasma has built four enterprise-grade platforms that help firms meet their business critical needs:, Plasma Fusion BPM, SiD Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Portal Platform.

“” was built to enable enterprises to seamlessly connect to any data source, device, API and/or database. It was built in accordance to the upcoming world of IoT (Internet of Things). Companies will take advantage of connecting to any and all data sources possible to enable efficient monitoring, analyzing and automating. was built to do just that. Connectivity is seamless, easy to use and requires no technical or coding knowledge. The interface is user friendly and can be accessed on the cloud from anywhere. Plasma is adding the “C2M Connect platform” to other existing enterprise-grade platforms as an integral layer.

“SiD (Simply Intelligent Data)” Business Intelligence Platform was built to enable companies to dynamically visualize valuable data that will aid in making critical business decisions. After connecting and receiving all relevant data through C2M Connect, this platform allows users to easily build custom dashboards specific to their needs using a simple drag and drop interface. Some other features include real-time data, flexible reporting and cloud security. Plasma has decided to strategically rebrand this platform to “C2M Visualize.”

Plasma “Fusion BPM Platform” was built to help enterprises take all outdated and legacy business processes and convert them into efficient and automated processes. This Business Process Management platform not only provides full process transparency and role-based modeling, it also has full integration capabilities. Enterprises can fully automate workflows by easily integrating with existing systems or with Plasma’s recently rebranded layers, C2M Connect and C2M Visualize. In attempt to show these integration capabilities, this platform is also being rebranded to “C2M Workflow.”

Plasma’s “Enterprise Portal Platform” will remain unchanged as it still acts as a means to develop portals and applications necessary to implement the newly rebranded platforms.

These platforms, C2M Connect, C2M Workflowand C2M Visualize, offer a true end-to-end solution for enterprises looking to connect to disparate data sources, gather and monitor data from sources, and automate business critical processes.

About Plasma
Plasma has been an industry leader for over a decade in the web solutions and platform development space. Enterprises can use Plasma’s four platforms to truly optimize processes and make better-informed business decisions.

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