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DolphinSearch Releases Workflow Management Tools For eDiscovery

eDiscovery Management Module Released By DolphinSearch

DolphinSearch Releases Workflow Management Tools For eDiscovery
New York, NY, February 02, 2006 --( DolphinSearch, Inc., a leader in electronic document discovery, content search, and information lifecycle management, today announced the release of its new Online eDiscovery Review Console for electronic discovery management. The DolphinSearch Online eDiscovery Review Console provides new work flow management, estimation tools, and management dashboards for complex eDiscovery projects.

This unique tool introduces a new capability for managing eDiscovery review teams and projects. The Console is designed for large corporations, government agencies, and law firms involved with complex legal projects, including class action lawsuits, which can span years, international borders and multiple languages. It is especially useful in large and complex litigations where cases can easily require the review and analysis of millions of pages of documents, terabytes of data and tens of thousands of hours of attorney and paralegal time. The new state-of-the-art dashboard technology puts at their fingertips all of the information attorneys and review managers need to track their team’s progress through the entire review, as well as forecast the completion of the project.

Attorneys and review managers have been looking for ways to monitor their team’s progress, assign work, manage resources and predict completion dates. The DolphinSearch Online eDiscovery Review Console enables project managers to monitor the current state of the review process with a user-friendly graphic interface. The dashboard supplies multiple views of the review process including; by custodian, by time, by disposition, or by reviewer.

“The DolphinSearch Online eDiscovery Review Console is an empowerment tool that enables clients to better manage the review process. It provides all of the important information they need in an easy-to-use graphical format with automated tools for forecasting and tracking,” said Dan Ferranti, DolphinSearch CEO and President. “This system, along with the DolphinSearch patented technology, provides the easiest, most powerful way to manage the electronic discovery process—securely, with the ease of an Internet connection.”

The dashboard is available now to all DolphinSearch eDiscovery customers. Coming soon is an enhanced version with a built in work-assignment wizard that allows review managers to easily distribute work among any number of reviewers.

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