Mysterious Red Welts on Your Body, Arms or Legs Just Might be Bed Bug Bites

New book gives 3 easy steps to prevent and eliminate bed bugs along with natural and low toxic solutions. Few people want to talk about it, but the bed bug population has been growing rapidly over the past few years in the United States. Airlines, colleges and hotels have reported infestations in every state.

Pinellas Park, FL, June 02, 2015 --( When M.G. West started waking up with painful, itching red welts on her legs; it took a while for her to figure out what was causing them. After several months of research and many talks with professionals, who thought the cause was anything from skin rash, food allergy, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc., she found her answer. The welts were actually bites from bed bugs. Figuring out what was causing the bumps was just the first step of many in curing the problem. Getting rid of the pests was difficult and took more than eight months.

“Bed bugs can be prevented and eliminated without harsh chemicals and in a more natural way. You have to act quickly though to prevent an infestation,” says West. Like many people, she tried using chemicals, but didn’t have any success. It was when she was about to give up entirely on getting rid of the bugs that she found a more natural, less toxic solution that actually worked. Her book, which has just been released on Amazon, gives 3 steps that anyone can do to help eliminate and prevent bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years. They travel on people and on their clothes and belongings. If someone has bed bugs at home, they might unknowingly spread them. Bed bugs are elusive, difficult to diagnose and challenging to eliminate. Even if a professional exterminator is hired it doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem will be removed. Bed bugs are not limited to unclean homes and it’s been said that it’s not if you get bed bugs, but when.

“The Bed Bug Handbook: Natural and Low Toxic Solutions to Eliminate them” is now available in Kindle format on Amazon for $4.99. The author’s blog can be read at:

About M.G. West: Florida resident & author M.G. West has more than 20 years of experience naturally eliminating pest problems and has written several articles on DIY home projects and natural health. She has contributed articles to local publications in the Tampa Bay area and online. Her blog offers tips on preventing and eliminating bed bugs naturally and with low chemical solutions and can be found here:

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