Bucking the Trend of Impersonal Service, LiceDoctors Still Make House Calls

Most families know that when they have a health concern, out the door they will have to go, drive to an office, and usually end up waiting for a doctor who looks at a chart and likely won't even know your name. LiceDoctors Lice Removal Service helps families in need often when they are feeling vulnerable and under stress. To ease the strain, LiceDoctors goes to the family's home to offer personalized service with maximum convenience, privacy, and comfort.

Riverside, CA, June 02, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Many families feel that they are constantly being shuffled around. Parents drive their children from activity to activity and from doctor to dentist. As summer arrives, families often face an additional burden: how to safely, conveniently, and effectively get rid of head lice. Lice have become a major concern for families and now lice infestations are the second leading cause of school absenteeism, after the common cold. Enter LiceDoctors, the nation's largest lice removal service. The company's core model is that highly experienced and trained technicians go to families in need and treat them in their own home, saving them from travel time and hassle and offering them complete privacy and convenience. In addition, the in-home treatment service allows families the ultimate in flexibility; when one child has been treated off he or she goes. There is no need to sit in a salon waiting for all family members to be checked.

"We are a national business with the heritage and experience that accompanies that. We have a very solid track record having removed lice and nits from 150,000 clients. Nonetheless, our priority is to provide personalized service," reports LiceDoctors owner, Wendy Beck. "Families dread getting lice. When they try to eradicate a case, it is often very time-consuming and if they are using chemicals, their efforts are often fruitless. Lice have become highly resistant to these products. We want families to know that we are really there for them, not just when we walk in the door but we help them if they have any questions, post-treatment."

The need for our services is evident and appears to be growing," states Beck. "We have recently launched our in-home service in Portland, Maine; Gary, Indiana; Mid-Hudson Valley, New York; Akron and Canton, Ohio; Salem, Oregon; Sioux City, Iowa; Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina; and Honolulu, Hawaii. Our new service locations have already received many calls and we've been serving clients in these cities." What distinguishes LiceDoctors from the many other lice removal companies is the level of expertise, success rate of the all-natural protocols deployed, the ability to effectively train specialists across the country increasing staff and practitioner skills all while maintaining quality control, and that the company has a medical doctor on staff.

According to Beck, "We have a board-certified medical director, on staff and we have been using his copyrighted treatment protocol for over 20 years. The lice treatment protocol is safe and effective and our track record is solid so that we have earned an 'A' rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Beck cautions that it is important for families to ask prospective treatment companies about their track record and details of particular treatment protocols, along with information on the various treatment options available. With no barriers to entry there are increasing numbers of small lice removal businesses opening up simply armed with the experience of treating their own private families.

LiceDoctors technicians undergo a rigorous training program. Technicians visit households that may be seeing symptoms of head lice, armed not only with the knowledge on how to eliminate head lice, but also with the understanding of how much stress lice cause families. "We are there to provide a calming influence to the entire family and take them through a process," stresses Beck. "LiceDoctors technicians take pride in having the heritage and security of a national service that will be there for them in the future, as well as having the personal care and human touch that only a local community service provider can provide in the privacy of the client's home."

One client, Lucy R. in Riverside, California, sums it up with, "I admit when my kids got lice, I freaked. I am bug phobic and could not deal with this. Our family doctor recommended LiceDoctors and when they told me that they make house calls, I thought, 'Wow, everything old is new again!' Oh yeah, I am taking advantage of a company's offer to make my life easier. They came, they saw, and they conquered. Bye bye lice. Best decision, I have made this year!"

LiceDoctors makes house calls in 40 states, and over 140 metropolitan areas across the United States. For further information, call 800-224-2537 or visit www.licedoctors.com. A technician will come to you at your convenience any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. The company guarantees its treatment and promises to make you feel at ease and confident in its services.

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