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Valley Cottage, NY, June 05, 2015 --( Antimicrobial additives can be defined based on their production, use, benefits, function and regulation. An antimicrobial additive is a chemical compound primarily used in the form of coatings, paints and mixed with plastic. Both oil-based and water-based additives are available in various forms for end-user industries. From the commercial prospective, an antimicrobial additive is used to reduce or inhibit the growth of microorganisms in any surface or in the atmosphere (as sprays) to maintain hygiene and increase life of products. It protects various plastic products, packaging materials, buildings through coatings, hospitals and other places from decay. Some limitations of antimicrobial additives are that they are less active in fatty foods and work best in low fat food with PH less than 6. They give the best results when combined with other microbials. In recent times, the market for antimicrobial agents have grown tremendously due to their numerous applications. The market is projected to grow at a healthy double-digit CAGR from 2014–2020.

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Growth of this market is driven by the increased demand from end-user industries such as plastic and construction. Companies use antimicrobial additives in their products to increase the durability of commercial and residential buildings, electronics and automotive paints. One of the major growth drivers of the antimicrobial market is the increase in use of antimicrobial coating. Manufacturers are expanding their new line of products to stay competitive. The antimicrobial additives market is observing an enormous expenditure on research & development for the invention of new products and their upgradation. Healthcare is another promising industry which is projected to show a high demand for antimicrobial additives during the forecast period, owing to improved standards of healthcare industry in emerging markets. Currently, the U.S. is the largest market for antimicrobial additives, however, future growths are likely to come from emerging markets of BRIC countries. Antimicrobial plastic packaging offers greater opportunities for antimicrobial additive manufacturers as it is gaining greater attraction in the market for safe packaging of sensitive products to gain longer shelf life. Antimicrobial plastics protect medical devices against corrosion. Therefore growth in medical products in the U.S. is expected to increase the demand of antimicrobial plastics in the forthcoming years. The food & beverage industry accounts for the largest market share in antimicrobial additives for plastic packaging, to meet safety standards. A broad spectrum of plastic products include antimicrobial additives to prevent degradation by microbes like bacteria, algae and fungi.

Antimicrobial additives market segmentation on the basis of geography includes regions such as North America, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific and RoW (Rest of the World). Antimicrobial plastic segment is showing a high growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region as there is a high degree of use of plastic products in this region. However, there are various restraints in the antimicrobial plastic additive market, such as slow economic growth that significantly reduces the utilization of antimicrobials in plastics as firms have to manufacture cost-effective products. Some firms that manufacture antimicrobial plastics are BASF, Ticona Engineering Polymers, Troy Corporation and Bayer Material Science.

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Innovations such as additives for resins and technological developments have given greater impetus for the growth of antimicrobial additives market. DSM launched CRINA Poultry Plus as a safe and efficient additive. CRINA Poultry Plus improves the feed conversion and reduces growth of pathogenic bacteria. Sanitized AG is the leading manufacturer of two antimicrobial additives, viz. Sanitized PL 12-32 and Sanitized PL 12-33. By combining the effects of both the products we can offer customers customized as well as application specialized results.
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