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A Baby is a Gift of Life

Nothing is more overpowering and profound than watching a baby being born! A baby’s first cry is the most beautiful sound to the baby’s parents as the newborn baby is brought into this world by the mother. Friends, acquaintances, relatives, and even hospital staff share the parents’ immense joy by showering the mother and the baby with gifts, greeting cards, toys, and the like.

Newcastle, United Kingdom, February 01, 2006 --( Everyone will try to outdo everyone else in choosing the best baby gift to give to a friend's or relative's newborn child, most especially the baby's Grandparents!

Rattles, colorful toys, mobiles, baby clothes, how-to-books, squeaky shoes, mittens, socks, blankets, spoons, car carriers, cribs, walkers, strollers, instructional videos, alarms, baby monitors - the list of baby gifts are endless. To even think and spend the time to try to determine the best baby gift to give to your friend's newborn baby the list is numerous and incredibly mind-boggling. Choosing a baby gift is not only mind-boggling, finding the right store where to buy the baby gift is also an exercise in patience, but not if you know where to go. The Blue Baby Store is one such online baby gift provider that covers almost everything at!

However, the best baby gift is not a toy, item of clothing or a pram, but the one that nature gave the baby's mother - breast milk. Breast milk contains all the nutrients your new baby needs for the crucial first six months of his life - the time when your baby needs you most.

Breastfed babies have better resistance to disease because mother's milk contains antibodies and white blood cells which help fight infection. Breast milk is always in perfect condition, regardless of the weather; it is always clean, and it never spoils while in the breast!

Breastfeeding benefits not only the baby but the mother as well as it helps stop bleeding and protects against another immediate pregnancy.

Breastfeeding also helps the mother and baby bond. Emotional closeness to the mother at an early stage actually increases a child's learning capacity at a later stage.

Breastfeeding your baby is the best baby gift you can give your newborn child because it is not only an act of nourishing your baby - it is an act of love.

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