Lucky Life Inc. Launches Road Lynk and a Kickstarter Campaign

Road Lynk, utilizing a combination of an application based system and driver and pedestrian awareness, Road Lynk provides the connection between the times we can watch over loved ones and times when we cannot with an easy reporting system.

Cleveland, OH, June 11, 2015 --( Locally owned Lucky Life Inc. announced today that it is launching a Road LynkTM Kickstarter campaign on June 15th, 2015. Support of the campaign will help fund the final phases of app development and bumper sticker printing and distribution. Visit for more.

Road LynkTM is an application based system that incorporates the use of a bumper or window sticker identification system, that when placed on a vehicle and a subscription based service is signed up for; other drivers and pedestrians will have the opportunity to report a driver for bad or good driver behaviors and actions.

The idea of Road LynkTM was launched when the owner Sam Darowich realized he had two teenagers going to get their drivers licenses-on the same day. Darowich said, “Waking up one morning and finding your children having way more freedom, and me, as a father not being able to be there, was a difficult thing to be comfortable with, and I wasn’t.” From this simple realization the idea of Road LynkTM was born.

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