Company Searches Promoting Business Intelligence

London, United Kingdom, June 14, 2015 --( The concept of business intelligence might seem like a broad and somewhat nebulous one - but it essentially is very simple. It’s all about using data to inform your business decisions. There are many different business intelligence technologies.

These may be extremely advanced and software driven, such is the case with predictive and prescriptive analytics (which are used to determine the best course of action for a business situation), or they may be more basic.

One of the simplest yet most effective techniques of business intelligence is reporting. This is enabled through company searches, which allows anyone to find publicly reported data.

The search facilities delivered by Company Search Made Simple that can provide business insight and analysis include:

· Credit Data - Information on credit rating and limits can provide powerful insight, especially into the credibility of a potential new business partner. This is a good way to see how creditors view a company.

· Legal - Company searches can include information on CCJs (County Court Judgments), which provide an insight into how reliable they are. This is a good way to assess how customers and business partners perceive a company.

· Director Details - By knowing the details of appointments and the personal information of directors, one can ascertain the development and growth of a company.

Essentially, company searches and reporting are a tool for business analysis. It’s a way of finding relevant data that can inform your business decisions. Business decisions that are based on hard data are much more stable and justifiable.

By making use of meaningful data and analysing it, your business is much more able to make an informed decision. The more informed your decisions are, and when they rely on raw data that has been effectively interpreted, the more you can make useful information actionable in the context of your day-to-day activities.

The searchable data delivered the Company Search Made Simple is synced with Companies House, for maximum accuracy and there are even options for a Company Tracker - which provides live updates on a business, so you can adapt your business decisions accordingly. For more info please visit:
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