Big Performance, Small Package: ShopBot Releases Compact CNC System

Durham, NC, December 01, 2007 --( Big things come in small packages. That statement may be a cliché, but ShopBot proves it’s true with the launch of their new, compact, PRS CNC systems – the PRSalpha and PRSstandard BT32 “Buddy.” Following the launch of their full-size PRS systems in January, ShopBot has taken the technology and mechanicals of those tools and scaled them down into a machine suitable for use in garage or basement workshops, sign shops and smaller-production, professional woodworking facilities where space is at a premium.

The newest ShopBot CNC, which, like the full-sized ShopBots, carries a designation of either PRSalpha or PRSstandard (depending on motor and drive system) is a Personal Robotic System designed for industrial, commercial or residential applications in wood, acrylic and non-ferrous metals. The smaller PRS CNCs incorporate many of the same features as ShopBot’s full-size systems, yet weigh less than 600lbs and occupy less than 16 sq. ft. of floor space. The PRSalpha BT32 provides the speed and accuracy necessary for precise cutting and milling applications and detailed 3D carving, while the PRSstandard BT32 offers an affordable opportunity for the hobbyist and serious do-it-yourselfer to incorporate the advantages of CNC into home-improvement projects.

The PRSalpha BT32 CNC features:
· AlphaStep closed-loop motors on all three axes that monitor the motor shaft to detect and correct any loss of synchronicity between signal and motion
· Cutting speeds of up to 600ipm
· Positioning speeds of up to 1,500ipm

The PRSstandard BT32 CNC features:
· Low-backlash gearhead stepper motors on all axes
· Geckodrive™ microstepping drivers on all axes

All ShopBot BT32 CNC systems feature:
· Bishop-Wisecarver® precision bearings and hardened steel rails on each axis providing smooth cutting motion and extended durability
· Rack-and-pinion power transmission on each axis
· Industrial control box
· Z-zero Plate
· X and Y Proximity Switches
· Dust skirt ready to connect to your dust collector
· 24” X-axis travel (Cutting surface provides X-axis motion)
· 32” Y-axis travel
· 6” Z-axis plunge depth

As with all their CNC systems, ShopBot provides a two-year warranty on the PRSalpha and PRSstandard BT32 CNCs. All ShopBots include PartWorks CAD/CAM software for easy 2D and 3D part design and toolpathing and a Windows-based, full-feature control software for advanced CNC productivity. ShopBots are compatible with most other CAD/CAM design software packages. ShopBot Tools offers free customer support, including nights and weekends (by email and voicemail), in three languages – English, Spanish and Russian. The company’s website also features a customer forum,, where hundreds of ShopBot owners offer tips and support and share production ideas.

About ShopBot Tools Inc:
ShopBot Tools, based in Durham, N.C., designs and manufactures low-cost, high-value Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) cutting machines. ShopBot was founded by CEO Ted Hall, Ph.D., a Duke University professor of neuroscience, who developed the tool while building plywood boats as a hobby. After several years of development, the company began shipping tools in 1996. With more than 4,000 ShopBots in 54 countries, ShopBot is one of the largest producers of CNC routers for woodworking and plastics in North America. The company employs 25 people in the Durham, N.C. area. For more information, visit

ShopBot Tools, Inc.
Dave Minella