Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs - Get Ready for the Holidays

Upstate NY based Virtual Assistant offers a helping hand for the holiday season.

Scotia, NY, December 01, 2007 --( It is reported that there are 1,302,672 small businesses and 930,238 self employed individuals in New York State[i]. That means there are, right now, approximately 2,232,910 people in NYS who are gearing up for the holidays and may not have the time or resources to take care of everything.

Thinking about all that needs to get done in a normal work day and then trying to add in the holiday related things can get very stressful. That is when a Virtual Assistant can “Save the Day.”

Virtual Assistants, aka VAs, provide a variety of business support services from their own home office, using their own equipment. Businesses hire VAs for many reasons. Some like the idea of having someone to do all of the administrative tasks for the business but not having to pay taxes, benefits or insurance. Others enjoy knowing that they have access to a professional who can complete special projects or seasonal items without the need to provide the office space or equipment. And still others want an expert to handle their finances, billing and invoicing without actually hiring a full time employee.

On a daily, weekly or monthly basis a Virtual Assistant can answer emails, field client phone calls, send invoices, pay bills and just about anything else a small business person needs done. For the holiday season, many VAs provide extra services such as addressing & mailing holiday greeting cards, gathering end-of-year tax records and even locating that “special” gift.

Where can you find a Virtual Assistant of your own?

One such company, located in Upstate NY, is Vital Office Solutions. Vital Office Solutions specializes in word processing, database and mailing services, desktop publishing, administrative and office support.

Founder Christina Nelson offers over 10 years of experience in administrative service. She also brings an intense “need to know everything” attitude which makes any request a feasible reality.

“Clients may feel overwhelmed with the amount of office tasks that need to be completed at this time of year. Utilizing a Virtual Assistant can ease some of that stress and give business owners more time for clients and a personal life” states Nelson

Today, as the number of small businesses and entrepreneurs grows, the need for Virtual solutions also grows. Technology has made the partnerships between Virtual Assistants and business owners a win-win situation.

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[i] Gaebler Ventures-

Vital Office Solutions
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