Restock Now Launches Six Sigma Based Visual Supply Control (VSC) System

Franklin, TN, December 05, 2007 --( Restock Now, a broad-scale provider of safety and industrial products, announces the introduction of their Visual Supply Control (VSC) system. The VSC system is a proprietary, web-enabled inventory procurement and management solution that virtually eliminates out-of-stock conditions within customer storerooms while dramatically reducing supply-related overhead costs. Buyers of supply items are now able to perform a quick visual scan of their supply inventory and enter orders on-line in a matter of minutes.

Consistent with their commitment to lean methods and the application of Six Sigma principles, Restock Now offers the VSC system to their customers as a means to enjoy further process improvement gains. These gains are not limited to supply procurement processes, but are experienced in related receiving, warehousing, and accounting processes as well.

“Our customers are increasingly pursuing lean solutions in all functional disciplines. Due in large part to general process improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma, industry is beginning to recognize the substantial waste associated with traditional supply procurement methods and the lack of dependable supply availability from already excessive vendor bases,” said Tim O’Meara, co-founder of Restock Now. “We have furthered our commitment to providing the most efficient and dependable consolidated supply procurement solution by adding our web-enabled Visual Supply Control (VSC) system for comprehensive supply inventory management.”

About Restock Now
Level Two Safety, Inc., dba Restock Now (, applies lean methodology in providing safety and industrial products nationwide to manufacturing, construction, and institutional organizations. Restock now applies lean methods internally and within each customer location in order to assure dependable supply availability directly to workers at the lowest possible total cost.

Restock Now
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