Corsec Security, Inc. Has Moved... Again

Corsec Security, Inc. has moved locations. Corsec partners with IT companies worldwide to manage the process of security certifications and validations.

Herndon, VA, August 04, 2015 --( Corsec, the premier partners for IT companies worldwide to manage the process of security certifications and validations has announced they have moved office locations. In response to client demand, Corsec has recently relocated their global headquarters to Herndon, Virginia. The significantly larger space houses critical infrastructure and a growing staff of tech professionals. The new facility is equipped with comprehensive security features as well as FIPS 140-2 validated and Common Criteria certified products, boosting security for client’s intellectual property.

The Changing Nature of Security Threats
Security breaches from Target to Sony, to the U.S. government, have become a daily occurrence. The consequences—loss of personal data and confidence, denial of service, and impact to critical infrastructure—are now forcing CIOs, CEOs and CISOs to mandate third-party validation best practices as prerequisites to enterprise systems. As security threats move into consumer interests, everyday people face what was once seen as exclusively a federal or corporate challenge. While security certifications and validations do not prevent attacks entirely, they do ensure best practices in product security development, which helps mitigate risks and the potential impact to consumers and governments alike. With certifications and security validations, consumers are better prepared to deal with potential security breaches.

The Corsec Solution

A Commitment to Securing IP That Is Second to None
Corsec’s new headquarters, located outside the nation’s capital and inside the Washington, D.C. area’s technology corridor, preserves Corsec’s proximity to the “federal hot spot.” This allows us to play an important role in influencing industry regulations while also residing among the most influential IT firms in the area. In addition, our new state-of-the-art video conferencing system enables us to connect with clients and colleagues around the globe.

The intellectual property of Corsec’s clients is protected around the clock by our state-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certified products. Features of their custom-designed laboratory include:

An electronically-controlled and logged two-factor access portal that exceeds Common Criteria requirements
A security monitoring system with video recording 24/7/365
Independent environmental controls with backup to ensure safe and continued operations
Per-rack UPS protection
Redundant fiber optic connectivity
High Availability firewall configuration
Switched gigabit LAN (with 10GB capability)
VLAN architecture
Isolated lab VLAN, which can be further isolated as needed
Up to 40U rack space per customer
Personnel and logical material controls

About Corsec Security, Inc.
For nearly two decades, Corsec has assisted companies through the IT security certification process for FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria (CC) and UC APL. We are a privately owned company focused on partnering with IT organizations worldwide to assist with the process of security certifications and validations. Our certification methodology helps open doors to new markets and increase revenue for clients with products ranging from mobile phones to satellites. Our broad knowledge safeguards against common pitfalls and thwarts delays, translating to a swift and seamless path to certification. Corsec has created the benchmark for providing business leaders with fast, flexible access to industry knowledge on security certifications and validations.
Corsec Security, Inc.
Jake Nelson