EPIC Software Corporation Announces Global Partnership with Human Investment Advisory, Inc.

Toronto, Canada, August 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Ascentii, a brand of EPIC Software Corporation, the leading provider of cloud-based workforce optimization tools announced its formalized strategic partnership with Atlanta-based Human Investment Advisory, Inc., the consulting company focusing on closing the gaps between CEOs and their Human Investments. Human Investment Advisory, Inc., will combine its revolutionary model that increases client profits with Ascentii's RoleFit Survey™ to deliver scalable value to clients. EPIC has created a unique brand, Ascentii, bundling a small suite of accurate, reliable, quick-to-administer, cloud-based tools for organizations engaged in talent acquisition, for re-purpose existing employees into more suitable and productive roles, and for agencies providing contingency or retained recruiting services; Ascentii's flagship solution is called The RoleFit Survey™ (RFS). The RFS will complement Human Investment Advisory’s redefinition of recruitment and organizational strategies with a best in class suite of job-specific, competency-based applicant screening tools, capable of creating a short list of highly suitable, high quality candidates within minutes, and before recruiters open a single resume. Unlike other applicant assessment tools on the market, which can take applicants 1 - 2 hours to complete, the RFS typically takes applicants only 10 minutes.

Human Investment Advisory, Inc., has developed a game-changing model by focusing on filling the strategic gap between the CEO/Board and their people. The offering includes facilitating and advising on strategic leadership definitions and strategies, implementing those leadership decisions through HR and the organization, and showing employees how to become motivated, aligned, and engaged for both company and their personal career success. Human Investment Advisory also offers assistance with tactical issues and improvements.

One of Human Investment Advisory’s implementation strategies for hiring, firing, promotions, and succession planning includes expanding traditional decision criteria from four factors to eight factors for better results and lower risks. Human Investment Advisory has chosen to use Ascentii's RFS software as a best practice tool for lower cost, higher productivity, and lower risk decision support. The RFS includes a master job repository of 1,200+ unique job descriptions and a unique job competency profile for each job; each one as unique as a human fingerprint. The RoleFit Survey™ has been externally validated to be more accurate and reliable than competitors’ assessments at predicting how successful a specific candidate will be at performing job-specific tasks on a consistent, day-to-day basis.

“We are pleased to announce our business partnership with EPIC Software Corporation. The RoleFit Survey™ will serve as our initial assessment engine to give Human Investment Advisory Clients a competitive edge; by hiring and promoting better, faster, with less turnover, and resulting in significant and measurable savings. This alliance will enable our clients to have real-time decision support and improve internal decisions that will have immediate benefit to their employees and shareholders. From a much larger perspective, this alliance will also enable our firm to help clients reduce the risk of bad hires and improve the skill competency of their teams,” said Jim Villwock, Founder and CEO of Human Investment Advisory, Inc. This software will provide an extremely cost-effective and competitive advantage to our Clients.

The RoleFit Survey™ system can typically be implemented within 15 minutes, end-user training has been condensed into a 19-minute video, and the system includes a complete inventory of competency-based job descriptions; it can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with any Applicant Tracking System. By enabling significantly better hiring and promotion decisions faster, thereby reducing their initial recruiting costs, as well as costs directly related to employee turnover, clients can typically expect to achieve a 100% Return On Investment within 6 months. In addition to being used for recruiting, the RoleFit Survey™ is also used as a real-time decision support tool for career pathing, early leadership identification, strategic succession planning and management, workforce reductions, and outplacement counseling.

“Human Investment Advisory, Inc. is increasingly being recognized as a thought leadership advisory and solution company providing strategic, tactical, and employee solutions throughout organizations. We are thrilled to be calling Human Investment Advisory our partner in bringing immediate, measurable, scalable, and sustainable value to the organizations they serve. We also have a broader suite of competency-based tools we will be phasing in over the next few months to assist organizations with other challenges such as organizational effectiveness and work force optimization – these are very exciting times,” said Mr. Gary L. Melling, President and CEO of EPIC Software Corporation.

Organizations interested in learning more about how Human Investment Advisory can provide strategic advisory services, management consulting implementations, and employee engagement improvements can contact Jim Villwock.

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