A-List Executive Chef Joins Fairways & Bluewater

Manila, Philippines, August 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Fairways & Bluewater welcomes into its fold a top-notch chef known for promoting food innovations that uphold sustainable cooking. Early this year, Chef Chris Leaning left quick-paced Manila to take the challenges of being the Food and Beverage Director of Fairways and Bluewater in breathtaking Boracay. He was tasked to manage a contingent of chefs and staff that handles the daily operations of Fairways & Bluewater’s restaurants, pool bars, tee houses, the Members’ Lounge and room service.

The British chef is the first expatriate to manage the food and beverage department of the resort. On average, 600 individuals from various nationalities dine in the resort’s various food and beverage outlets every day. Good thing, Chef Chris is not new to massive crowds, having handled as many as 3,000 persons in a single service.

Serving VIP guests is also nothing unusual to the chef who has cooked for high-profile personalities such as ambassadors, presidents and prime ministers including former Presidents Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III.

The 30-year industry veteran is also a known advocate of sustainable and local resources.

“I believe we should showcase and support local industry, farmers and fishermen whichever country we are working in,” he said.

With his creative ability to integrate and/or replace imported ingredients with those that can easily be accessed, the chef was able to put a local spin to many food items that he has created. In fact, the use of locally sourced materials has been so maximized that homegrown ingredients outnumber their imported equivalent in the many kitchens that he has handled.

Aside from an impressive background as a chef, Chef Chris is also known for his active management style. He is involved in the design and recommendation of equipment, formulation and implementation of Polices & Procedures, and training for the Food Safety Management System and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCPs). His career is highlighted by his ability to provide expert and efficient service in food management operations of the highest standards.

“I think that in Fairways I can bring not only my style of management which is very hands on and respectful of all the team no matter what position, but also my knowledge of the various kitchens and restaurants I have worked in around the world,” he said.

Prior to Fairways & Bluewater, Chef Chris handled the food and beverage department of some of the country’s 5-star hotels and restaurants. The mentor-chef jumpstarted his career in London where he took on the task of Executive Chef in 5-star hotels including the Grange City Hotel and the Edwardian Hotel Group.
Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast, Boracay
Lorelei Acosta