Company Gives the Gift of Time by Hand Addressing Holiday Cards

Write On Results, a direct mail company, saves organizations time by offering real handwriting services this holiday. They hand address and include personalized, handwritten notes in the holiday cards businesses send to their clients and friends.

Frederick, MD, December 07, 2007 --( It’s the season for businesses to start sending holiday cards to their clients and friends. While most professionals like the idea of sending hand addressed greeting cards to their clients, many do not have the time or writing skills to do it themselves. The mere thought of hand addressing hundreds or thousands of cards this busy time of year can send most people into a panic.

Write On Results, a Frederick, MD direct mail company, has solved this problem by providing holiday handwriting services. The company will hand address greeting cards, include a customized handwritten note in each card, apply a holiday stamp and mail the cards. Write On Results’ handwriting services can save businesses hours of time and effort during the holidays.

“This is a hectic time of year for most organizations,” said Ray Hrach, VP of Business Development and Co-founder of Write On Results. “Many of our clients barely have time to purchase their holiday cards, much less to hand address them. Our handwriting services allow them to send personalized, handwritten messages to their customers while saving them valuable time.”

Rather than using computer-generated fonts, Write On Results works with real people and real pens to handwrite and customize holiday cards. Their customers can decide what their handwritten message should say and choose which writing style, ink color, and stamps they want to use.

“Handwriting is a great way to add a special touch to holiday greetings,” said Hrach. “Not only do real handwritten envelopes stand out from other mail, but they are also a great way to show customers that they are unique and valued.”

For more information about Write On Results’ handwriting services, visit their website at or contact Ray Hrach at 301-624-1705 or

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Kathy Hrach