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Automobile Production in Germany May Overcome in 2015 the Current Sideways Range Only to Glide Into a New One – New Quest Report

The new Quest report finds three features for automobile production in Germany in the first half-year 2015 deducing the outlook 2015 from them.

Bochum, Germany, August 28, 2015 --( In March 2015 production achieved with 141.3 index points (denominations of the Federal Statistical Office) highest value since the beginning of the world economic crisis 2008.

In production’s ups and downs a rising tendency shows up since March 2013. For this purpose the report uses a moving yearly average value. During this time it continuously rose from 110.2 to 120.7 index points.

Finally production remains also in the first half-year 2015 in its sideways range, which was built in 2011. Its current upper limit is at 141.3, its lower limit at 79.1 index points.

As production sales are also showing a rising tendency since March 2013. So sales marked with 147.1 index points their highest value since 2008 and broke through the sideways range to the upward side. Even in June sales are with 136.6 index points over the current sideways range.

Is the outcome of this an upward trend of production and sales of automobiles in Germany? The report classifies this development into the situation of the world economy and reaches the conclusion that it has become more probable that production and sales will leave their sideways range to the upward side and – sliding again into a sideways movement on a higher level.

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