Accountability Buddy
Accountability Buddy

Accountability – The Forbidden Word that Brings People their Dreams

Everyone has felt the power of being accountable and a San Diego based company, Accountability Buddy, is using accountability as the spring board to transform people’s dreams into a reality.

San Diego, CA, February 05, 2006 --( The world is overrun with advertisements of the next get rich quick, achieve your goals, lose that weight campaign. Finally, there is a place to go without the hype for those serious about their success.

Accountability Buddy officially opened its preverbal doors Jan 1, 2006. This website is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals by building the habits needed to automatically take them there and by building accountability teams to make sure they follow through.

The quest to achieve your dreams is always a hot topic at the beginning of the year, but quickly dies out as real life comes crashing in to overwhelm us all. Most New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten by February 1, only to resurface 11 months later.

The missing key to our New Year’s resolutions or any goal for that matter is accountability. The likelihood of your dreams actually coming to light greatly diminishes when there is no support structure to keep you on track.

You are going to be held accountable one way or another. Either to the lack of results you achieve in your life, or up front to your friends as they support you on your road to success.

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About Accountability Buddy:

Using the technology internet users are already familiar with, Accountability Buddy reminds you of your goals, tracks your progress and builds accountability teams to keep you on track. Due to its simple design, it only take 5 minutes to setup and 60 seconds per day to maintain.

Accountability Buddy
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