Redesigned Cemetery Gravestone Website Launched

Interglo Stone, a wholesale provider of natural stone memorial products announces the launch of its newly redesigned website.

Bogart, GA, December 09, 2007 --( Interglo Stone, a wholesale monument company has launched their redesigned website. The website seeks to educate consumers about the different options that they have for memorialization before visiting their local monument retailer.

Partner Charles Langlois said "This new website really does a great job of showing the public the options that they have when choosing a monument for a loved one."

Before the 1940’s the monument industry was mostly craftsman based. During the 1940’s the industry shifted to a more production based model. Interglo Stone is one of the leading companies bringing back craftsman style cemetery monuments. Interglo Stone’s newly redesigned website shows several styles of monuments that were popular in the 1800’s and allows consumers to discover these craftsman style monuments. These craftsman style monuments have proven to be extremely popular with the baby boomer generation. This generation likes to personalize their memorials and express their individuality through memorialization. The products shown on Interglo Stone's redesigned website offer options to the boomers that allow them to leave their mark carved in stone.

Interglo Stone
Aaron Luther