DormCo Presents New Ideas on How College Students Can be Prepared in College

College students need extra dorm essentials to be prepared for emergencies such as power outages. DormCo presents ideas for how college students can be prepared for those emergencies.

Buffalo, NY, September 13, 2015 --( There is a chance that the college student will experience a power outage while at college. The college may have emergency electricity that will kick in to light the hallways and allow the electronic key cards to work, however that electricity may not extend to the college dorm room. Other than basic college supplies for college living, the college student will need to make sure that dorm essentials for power outages are in the dorm supplies as well.

The basic dorm item the college student will want is a flashlight or two. The college student will also want to keep some extra batteries in dorm room storage for the flashlights. One of the best flashlights to have is one that doesn’t require batteries – it is rechargeable by simply cranking the lever for a certain amount of time. The college student will want to keep these dorm supplies handy in an easily accessible area because when the lights go out, the college student won’t want to search through a dark dorm room to find what is needed. Along with a couple flashlights, the college student will also need an electric lantern that puts out more light in case the power is out for an extended period of time and the college student needs to study for an exam.

In case of a power outage, the college dorm room may not have heat or air conditioning. That means the college dorm room can become very warm or very cold. The college student will want to make sure there are dorm necessities for either condition. Keep extra comfortable, thick, plush college blankets handy and also keep a mini handheld fan that runs on batteries. If the college student is in an area that has a cold winter season, they will especially want some extra thick dorm blankets on hand.

The college student will also want to make sure a basic First Aid Kit is handy. Not just good for power outages, this is a dorm essentials item that the college student will want to keep in an easily accessible area. The college student will want to keep these basic college supplies on hand, and possibly even keep these dorm items in a special under bed storage bin so everything that is needed in an emergency such as a power outage is in one convenient place.

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Nicole Horning