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Health Insurance Agents Who Have a Marketing System Will Survive

DYB marketing LLC architects of the Success Marketing Systems and founders of the Truth Produces Trust marketing principles have introduced a new system to help health insurance agents take adavantage of the HSA revolution.

Minneapolis, MN, February 06, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The most conservative estimation of people who will be purchasing an HSA in the next five years is 70 Million. All insurance agents need now is the right marketing to bring these people to their door. According to the latest government statistics from health and human resources the HSA is the hottest insurance topic in decades.

Insurance marketers need to take the proper steps to guarantee that they receive their fair share of the HSA explosion. It really comes down to some simple steps. First understanding that marketing is supposed to do three things:

Marketing is supposed to do three things:
1. Capture the attention of the target market
2. Give the prospect hope that by reading on he will be provided with enough educational information to facilitate his buying decision. In other words; train and teach them how to make the best available buying decision
3. To lower the risks of taking the next step in the buying process. The result of effective marketing that accomplishes these objectives should cause the prospects to draw the conclusion, “they would have to do business anywhere else!”

Insurance agents need to educate prospects on HSA policies in an understandable format, so in the eyes of their prospects they become the HSA expert. They should use a follow-up system that really works. They should utilize lead sources that are reliable and exclusive.

For the HSA insurance specialists there is one marketing system that does all of this and more. It is called the HSASuccess Marketing System and you can find more information at www.newhsasalestips.com

The HSA Success Marketing System is an easy to follow system that will walk you through step-by-step how to market, advertise, present, follow-up and close to pre-qualified groups and individuals. It’s done in a logical no-nonsense manner that any insurance professional will find easy to learn and follow.

P.T. Barnum once said, "Without promotion something terrible happens – nothing!” Now the insurance agent has two choices: do nothing allowing things to stay the same or begin promoting their business with a complete proven system and make things happen. www.newhsasalestips.com

Dave Hackbart

David Hackbart