C2B Connect! Inspires Relationships Between Consumers (Buyers) and Suppliers (Vendors)

Comprehensive Online Service for Smart Business Purchasing. Provides a valuable opportunity for consumers to reach suppliers and receive free price quotes from multiple suppliers/vendors.

Detroit, MI, December 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- C2BConnect.com is the matchmaker of the business world. Since the inception in June 2007, the B2B website has facilitated many relationships between buyers and suppliers. C2BConnect.com tailors their services to suit the desires of buyers and suppliers. C2BConnect.com adopts an analytical approach to each request; their approach is stimulating more suppliers and buyers to become a part of the process.

Suppliers spend money on attracting buyers to use their products and services, while buyers spend time locating efficient suppliers to fulfill their needs. Both parties aspire to find one another; the process becomes frustrating as there is very limited service for both the parties to find an exact match.

With C2BConnect.com service, buyers and suppliers are satisfied because it is a win-win situation for both the parties. C2BConnect.com want the buyers to find an appropriate supplier that is the best match for them each time they place a request in C2BConnect.com. With each request the consumer/buyer make, C2BConnect.com closely analyze the position and needs of both the buyer and supplier.

C2BConnect.com makes it easy for both the buyer and supplier. Rather than searching the Web and fielding phone calls all morning to find the right supplier, buyers can just go to C2BConnect.com and can have C2BConnect.com forward the request to appropriate suppliers; at least five different suppliers will contact the buyer directly with a price quote and appropriate product or service related details. Buyers can literally sit back and let the supplier solicit their business, instead of the other way around.

C2BConnect.com is attracting more buyers and suppliers and it is making them go away from traditional means of advertising in newspapers, and on the Web. For example, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is prevalent on the Internet through many search engines and other internet marketing websites. A company will pay a provider to host their advertisements on Web pages (search network or content network), and the company who placed the advertisement pays a fee according to how many times the user “click” on the advertisement. There is a lot of fraud in this area, as website owners have many kinds of automatic processes to make money by installing robots that automatically click on the advertisement.

C2BConnect.com is a better alternative to using pay-per-click and other methods. C2BConnect.com has had its own problems with pay-per-click. It can be a nightmare. C2BConnect.com finds some peace of mind in knowing that other businesses can fore-go the headaches by using C2BConnect.com services. The suppliers don’t need to spend money on something, and buyers don’t have to blindly click on an advertisement. The C2BConnect.com service assesses either party's needs and can provide the right match for both.

Current business world is packed with suppliers and buyers, making it difficult to find the right connection. It is difficult in current times to find the right match for your business. Personal attention seems to be a luxury when it should be a necessity. C2BConnect.com is bringing that sentiment back to the business world. C2BConnect.com make sure every buyer and every supplier is connected.

About C2B Connect! “Partner in Purchasing”
C2B Connect! “Partner in purchasing, connecting Consumer to Suppliers” (http://www.c2bconnect.com) is the leading online marketplace for B2B purchasing. From Furniture to Phone Systems, Office Equipment to Professional Services; C2BConnect.com help businesses save time and money by streamlining the purchasing process and providing a one-stop-shop.

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