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The next generation of freelance project sites has begun. A new completely free freelance portal for independent contractors and employers has been opened.

Cottbus, Germany, February 07, 2006 --( brings the next generation of freelance project sites to the front with its all-new design.  The site has been completely revamped to provide the best resource for employers in need of a professional and freelancers in need of work. All this and the service is now completely free to all who wish to use it. is providing a fresh perspective on an older concept.  Bringing employers that want to outsource projects together with freelancers that have the skills to complete the projects.  They are doing all of this for free, which is a vast improvement over the standard in the industry where companies are charging huge monthly fees and commissions and making it difficult for freelancers to find projects that they can complete for the required price.  Employers also struggle with the high fees as they set a certain budget for a project that they do not want to go over.

Starting at the beginning of February 2006, completely revamped its entire site to make it more user friendly and functional.  The new look has brought some high praise as the design works for the user instead of against.  With the increased functionality comes better quality and more desire to use the site to its full potential.  

One of the newest features at is the project manager.  This innovation allows employers and freelancers alike to track and manage all of the projects they are working with.  This feature helps to maintain a level of professionalism that is not found with other sites and is invaluable when dealing with several projects that all have different deadlines and specifications.  

The new review and rating system gives employers and freelancers alike the opportunity to know the people they are working with a little better.  Each time a transaction takes place a rating is assigned to the freelancer as well as the employer.  The rating depends on the experience from both sides of the coin. also keeps its eye on the situation and helps to keep everyone trustworthy through their safety features.

One of great safety features for both freelancers and employers is the escrow payment service.  Instead of counting on money that is not coming because of fraud, the money is placed into an escrow account.  There it stays until the project is complete and approved.  Once the employer agrees that the project has been completed to their specifications the money is sent to the freelancer.  This guarantees that the money is there no matter what the situation and protects people on both sides.

Furthering the gauntlet, provides email updates of all new projects listed and RSS feeds to keep their users up to date.  This helps freelancers know when there is more work that they can do to keep the income flowing.

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Sebastian Schneider